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Do You Need to Get Back Control of Your Life?

Some days can just seem like they’re coming at you from all sides. Whether it is issues in your job, your home life, your medical situation, the challenges can at times seem never-ending. With that in mind, depression can sometimes set in; a problem that all too often can prove difficult to send away. In the event you’re currently battling depression, do you feel now is the time to get back control of your life? Use Any and All Options to Recover If you feel like the battle against depression could be turning into a losing one, there are options on the table that you should... [Continue Reading]

Don’t Let a Sexual Assault Go By the Wayside

There is typically nothing more mentally and physically damaging than being sexually assaulted. Still, countless women (sometimes men) feel somehow that it was their fault or that the perpetrator will never be brought to justice. With that in mind, have you been the victim of such an assault? If so, did you stand up for your rights and deny the attacker or attackers from getting away with it? Stand up for Your Rights Whether you were sexually assaulted by a stranger or someone close to you, there is never a valid reason to allow such an attack to go unpunished. Unfortunately, too many... [Continue Reading]

How To Really Love Yourself

Ever since the various self-actualization movements came into existence during the 1970s, the term "love yourself" has been thrown around so much that it seems to have lost most of its meaning. It's easy to tell those who are sad, frustrated or disappointed with the way that their lives have turned out that all of their problems would disappear if they would only love themselves more. However, effective ways to achieve this goal are rarely discussed among those who advise others to give their self-esteem a boost by boosting their self-love. In fact, they frequently make it sound as if falling... [Continue Reading]