1ClickGuide.com: Guide 1ClickGuide.com: Guide https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/ Copyright by 1ClickGuide.com en 1ClickGuide.com Tue, 18 Dec 2018 05:26:18 -0500 Is it safe to use pest control products at home? There is no doubt that pests can be a real problem in any home. Termites and carpenter ants chew away at wooden structures. Mice and rats also cause problems by chewing wood and wiring, as well as spreading diseases such as salmonella. Not forgetting cockroaches that crawl around your property spreading bacteria as they go.

Preventing these pests from becoming a problem has to be a priority, as does getting rid of them if they appear. However, many people wonder if it's safe to use pest control products at home. The truth is that the best people to use pest control chemicals are exterminators. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to be able to handle the products in the safest and most effective manner. If you want to try preventing, or dealing with, a pest control problem yourself, there are some natural methods you can try.

Simple soap and water

One of the simplest ways to get rid of pests such as flies and ants is to simply use soap and water. Mix some mild soap detergent with tap water and place it in a spray bottle. Keep the bottle to hand so that you can use it if you spot any pests throughout the day.

Mouse traps

You may not love the idea of retrieving mouse bodies from traps, but they are still one of the most effective and humane ways of dealing with a mouse problem. Look for signs of where the mice have taken up residence, such as gnawed wood, faeces and urine. Place the traps in close proximity to the area and load them. Remember to place the traps in either direction of the pests' hideout, for the most successful results.

Diatomaceous Earth

There are several health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth. It's also very useful to use for pest control purposes. If you place the product around areas of your home where insects may be getting in, it will kill them. It does so by damaging their exoskeletons so that they dehydrate. If you have a problem with insects invading your home, this could be a good way to stop them.


Nematodes are microscopic worms that many gardeners use to help protect their plants. They are also very useful in the control of termites as they kill them. This is important as termites can cause a lot of expensive damage to your property, if they are not dealt with.

If you try to resolve an issue with pests in your home, but the problem persists, it's time to call the professionals. There are pest control products that you can use, but it's safer and more effective to get professional help instead, doing so means that the pests will be removed from your property in the safest and most efficient manner possible. The exterminator will explain the process to you and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The end result is that you have a pest free home.

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2 Key Reasons Why Drivers Should Use the Best Fuel Cards at Gas Stations You probably know how expensive it is to own a motor vehicle of your own. You need to dig very deep into your pockets to pay for the relevant expenses. This is for the day-to-day maintenance and fuel costs. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone if such payments consume almost half of your income. This puts you in a tight situation. You find yourself having to make ends meet on a shoe-string budget. However, selling this automobile to a suitable buyer is not always a viable solution. After all, it is one of your assets which you still cherish. You may even consider it to be a status symbol.

Is it worthwhile to apply for the best fuel cards in the market?

Automobile experts say drivers face a dilemma when they visit a gas station to refuel their cars. They are never sure whether to use cash or plastic money to pay for the petrol they purchase. At the end of the day, they are looking for ways to minimize their costs. Everyone wants to save money. You could come across a similar situation. Such industry professionals suggest you should seriously consider applying for suitable fuel cards. They go on to point out the following 2 important reasons for doing so:

  1. Keeping track of your purchases

Most people behind the wheel of a vehicle have an unusual habit. They are refueling their cars at the gas station and drive off without taking the receipt. You probably resort to this course of action once in a while.

In many cases, such individuals say they need to reach their destinations on time. However, at a later stage, they find it hard to recall making such purchases. After all, they generally pay for such expenses using cash or their credit cards.  This doesn’t happen if they opt to use the best fuel cards in the market. Service providers offering such facilities ensure their customers get messages of such transactions on their smartphones. It is an ideal way for vehicles owners to monitor their costs.

  1. More security

Most people prefer to use cash to pay for the fuel they buy at the gas stations.  They say there is no guarantee the owners of such establishments will accept their credit cards. However, they are more than willing to take paper currency for such purchases. Unfortunately, these individuals can’t deny they take a risk by opting to use this mode of payment. There is a possibility they may inadvertently drop some notes on the ground without their knowledge. They normally realize their loss after they drive off. However, by then, it is already too late. This type of situation does arise when they use fuel cards to pay for such expenses. Moreover, they enjoy additional security. The personal identification numbers of making such purchases are only known to them.

The drivers should opt for using the best fuel cards to make purchases at a gas station. It is a more convenient form of payment in comparison to cash or credit card. They just need to go through the above 2 important reasons to clear their doubts. In the process, they can keep track of their expenses and even save money.   

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Exercise Caution When You Deal With Your Debts There is no doubt that you can handle much of your debts on your own which sometimes may prove to be a very productive attempt but you will need to exercise enough caution while doing so. There is a lot of complications in debt management and it will differ according to the type of debt you currently hold. One small error may lead you into further trouble which you may find very hard to resolve.

If you are unsure or new to debt management or when you feel that you need the assistance of a debt consolidation company, go for it. It will be far more effective and result driven that your DIY venture.

Debt consolidation tools

To know about debt consolidation more than just the basics you will first need to know and review the various debt consolidation tools. This will help you to know the nuances in it and thereby help you to be cautious in your venture, DIY or otherwise.

There are different tools that you can wield to assist you in consolidating your debts but all of it has its signature pros and cons.

  • You can make a balance transfer on your credit card debts. This is one of the easiest moves that you can make for your debt free journey. All you have to do in it is transfer your debts from the credit card carrying high interest rates to the one that carries much lower rate of interest. If you work with a pro then you can also come to know about the ways in which you can take the maximum advantage of the zero percent APR promotions and save big time. However, there will be fees to make such a transfer. Another significant thing to take care of is that according to the law, credit card companies that offer interest-free financing will waive the interest rates for at least six months. Therefore, if you do not pay down your debts significantly within that time, you will have to pay very high interest once again and will be right back where you started as the high interest rates will eat into your payments.
  • You may take out an unsecured loan as well but just as these loans sound, there is no security of any collateral like your car or house pledged by you to the lender to take such a loan. This means that the rate of interest of these unsecured loans will be significantly high but lower than that of your credit cards. However, to take on such a loan you will need to have a really good credit score. Most of the banks do not lend such loans. Apart from that, if you manage to get such a loan you must show the discipline not to spend the amount received on anything else apart from paying of your credit card bills.
  • If you feel you can even opt for a home equity loan. In this type of loan you pledge your house as collateral to the creditor. This means the rate of interest of these loans will be much lower than an unsecured loan thereby reducing your monthly bills by a considerable margin. However, most experts will suggest you to keep it as your last option. This is because this type of loan is considered to be the most dangerous of all forms of debt consolidation loan as you are risking your home for it. If you cannot pay up on time and fully, you stand a chance to end up homeless.

Therefore, all types of debt consolidation loans have their pros and cons which is why you should consult with a professional debt consolidation firm. However, you will need to be cautious in hiring the service of a debt consolidation firm as well.

Follow debt management program diligently

When you enter into a debt management program which is also termed as DMP, you must be very diligent as it may affect your entire finance adversely if you do not.

  • The first thing you should do is stop using your credit cards. Now, this can be a bit difficult for you if you are addicted to using credit cards. However, if you want to get rid of your debts seriously then you should let go of those cards.
  • If you really find it difficult then the only alternative is use your debit card. The difference in using a debit card is that you will be using your money and only that much you can afford. Using credit cards means you are using more money than you can afford and that too this money belongs to someone else. You will have to pay interest on credit card but no interest if you use your debit card. This way you will stop accumulating debt any further.

You must follow the advice and plan designed by the professional debt consolidation company so that you not only merge successfully from your DMP and have zero debt but also have zero addiction of credit cards as well. This is a bonus that you get from such professional service. You may take up a new credit card later and use it responsibly or may not even need any of it any longer. Sometimes, doing it alone is not only lonely but also less productive.

Managing too much debt

If you have too much debt of different types then you may get turned down for a debt consolidation loan. Usually banks and credit unions are unsure about you repaying ability seeing the already huge debt you are in and therefore they turn down your application.

In such a situation you may try other alternative sources to avail a long with bad credit of lower than 500 FICO score but it will have so high rate of interest that it will cut deeply into what you save in the first place.

The best way to choose is credit counseling by an expert for a free debt analysis after considering your financial situation in detail. Thankfully, the experts can show you still have other options which may be even better.

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Student Loan Consolidation Is An Easy And Effective Way To Take Worries Away If you want to reduce stress and take your worries way regarding paying off student loan debt then there are a few easy and effective options that can make the situation less overwhelming. Since you are not the only one facing such a situation, you should not think that there is no way to deal with such an issue.

Going by the statistics, there are over 40 million former students that still face the brunt of student loan debt. This is because most of the former college students do not know about the ways in which they can pay back their debt.

Fortunately for you, there are useful programs like Student Loan Consolidation or Refinancing that will help you to get rid of this longstanding debt against your name. Programs like these will work well for you and at a rate in which you will also avoid being a delinquent customer.

Student Loan Consolidation is almost same as any other debt consolidation that you may wish to take if you have more than one loan from one or multiple creditors. With the help of the Direct Consolidation Loan program, you can now simply combine all your loans depending on its type into a single loan that often has a lower rate of interest. This will eventually make your monthly payments smaller thereby making it easier to manage.

On the other hand Student Loan Refinancing is a much similar concept with the only difference that it is done through a private lender. Considering its features, this happens to be a far better decision for the borrowers who are earning more now than they used to be when they were in college.

However, when you choose for refinancing make sure that you do not sell the federal programs to the private lenders. This will make it harder for you to repay as you will lose the eligibility for income-driven plans that are inherent with federal student loans.

Separate your loans

If you want to consolidate your student loans you will first have to separate the federal and private student loans because both have significantly different consolidation procedures. If you separate these loans you will not only be aware of the kinds of loans you hold but will also know about the different loan consolidation options that are available.

  • If your loans are federal you are most likely to qualify for different government programs to consolidate your loans. The Federal Direct Consolidation Loan program will let you to have only a single bill each month. Apart from that, you may also apply for Income-Driven Repayment if you wish. These you cannot get from private lenders but you must keep in mind that the rate of interest rate of these consolidated loans will be weighted and will be therefore rounded up to the nearest ⅛ of a 1%. This will raise the overall amount a little but that you pay as interest. However, if you wish to take a consolidating debt carrying varying interest rates, the rate of interest will be in between always.
  • If your loans are private you will have to follow the student loan refinancing route through the private lenders. The lending policy may differ from one lender to another and therefore you will need to research and explore all available options and choose the best one for you.

You will need to verify your eligibility for student loan consolidation eligibility which is also different for a federal loan and a private loan.

The federal loan itself is your eligibility provided it was not consolidated by a private lender previously. On the other hand, if you have a private student loan the basic requirements for refinancing are:

  • A good credit score above 660 and standing
  • A well balanced debt-to-income ratio of lower than 45% and
  • A proof of a stable income above $25,000 per year that may be in the form of pay stubs.

It is only after you qualify that the application process starts. You can apply for the Federal Student Loan Consolidation program electronically though paper application process is also permitted. However, electronic application process is much faster and takes about half an hour to complete. You will however need a verified FSA ID, income verification and basic contact information for the process.

As for student loan refinancing, the application process requirements may vary from one private lender to another.

Choosing the best lender

If you go for student loan refinancing make sure that you choose the right loan servicer. As there are a lot of such private lenders and companies you will need to know which one will work best for your loans considering the following parameters:

  • The rate of interest whether it is fixed or variable
  • Option to postpone your payments
  • Online reviews of current or past borrowers and
  • Unique features in the plans that others may not have.

As for the federal Student Loan Consolidation there are a few questions to ask such as:

  • The types of repayment plans available for the consolidation
  • Time when you can consolidate your loan which should be either after you leave school, graduate, or fall below the half-time enrollment
  • The chance in interest rate as federal consolidation does not lower the interest rate and only takes a weighted rate of the loans that you already have
  • The possibilities of changes in your repayment options based on your consolidated loan balance which can be ten to thirty years and
  • The time to start repaying your consolidated loan which is usually immediately after receiving the first bill within 60 days of disbursement of the consolidated loan.

Apart from that, you may also inquire whether you can take the advantage of your grace period if your current student loans still have it. This will help you to delay your repayment till the time this grace period is over.

Also know what happens if you can consolidate your student loan if you are default currently or have already consolidated your federal student loans. Also know about the application fees and forgiveness plans if you are eligible.

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Save your Startup Business from Going Down in Debt with Debt Consolidation Loan Nowadays, you can easily see the number of startups in the market based on different niche. The market is evolving, and some brilliant mindful people are trying to make the market trend innovative, so they are setting up startups. The idea is super exciting and impressive, but when it comes to execution, it becomes incredibly tough. There are many aspiring minds those who start the startup, but after some time to insufficient monetary help they shut down. Startups are now on the verge where they have a mounting pressure on their head for survival in the market and keep going forward even though they have a limited resource of funds. The established business firms are now capable of running by themselves even if they don't get outside help. They have already stabilized their monetary funds. While startups face competition heat and they can see a lot of ups and downs during their journey from scratch until the success. A very clear vision is a must in order to run the startup.

Journey of Startups

Startups can have everything from concept to intelligence to run it, but still many of them failed to drive the better result. The reason could be not able to manage enough funds, and this could lead to failure. In order to continue the safe running of the business, various startup heads try to gather money from various sources. That means now these heads have to pay the debt of multiple creditors. The startup owners have to make sure that their business runs well then only they will be able to pay off the debt. Often, it has been seen that in the midst of running a business successfully and generate enough funds to repay, the owners often lose their focus and sight of the business objectives. Thus, the startups get failed and shut down. 

When the owners face the fiscal crisis, they try to negotiate the terms of debt so that creditors can either eliminate the lump sum amount or low the interest rate. But this is not enough as there will be the multiple creditors, and all might not get agreed. But before owners lose all hope to come out of the situation, the can try taking help from the debt consolidation loan program.

Introduction of Debt Consolidation Loan

The process of debt consolidation loan is very familiar, and sometimes when the situation becomes worse, many people in business opt for this plan. In this program, you will have to consolidate all your debts together irrespective of their sources. Once you consolidated all, now you will apply for a loan to pay the debt. Such loans have the lowest interest rate. For more information, log on to nationaldebtreliefprograms.com. You are not required to pay the loan at different intervals but once a month. Only one payment has to be made, and that will be done every month. There are many factors considering which you can opt out the debt consolidation loan plan

  • Debt consolidation loan doesn’t eliminate the debt but reduces the amount of debt. Before opting out for debt consolidation loan, you will have to clear the picture of the understanding consolidation loan.
  • The only difference with the debt consolidation loan plan is that you have to make one payment in the form of a loan. You are still not free of debts. You have just reduced the number of payments; you used to do every month.
  • Debt consolidation plan provides peace and hassle-free monthly payment management.
  • You will have to refrain yourself from availing another loan over the existing loan. You will be paying for the first loan and without completing it; you will not start the other one. You will require making some cost-cutting in your company expenses so that your company must come out of the crisis situation.

Rising from Debt Situation Using Debt Consolidation Loan

If you have decided on getting out your startup company from the debt situation, you are required to step up for debt consolidation loan plan. You will have to progress step by step. Firstly, you will have to look for a company who provides the debt consolidation loan. Then you will have to take care of the listing of debts and hand over to the company. They will be responsible for setting up the payment of debts through one payment. The company will also take care of all the calls received from the creditors, and they have been harassing you. You just have to focus on the debt consolidation loan approval. If the credit score of your company is good, then you will get the loan quickly.

The debt consolidation loan is comprised of two parts – secured and unsecured loan. In the secured loan, you are required to pay the loan amount at the low rate of interest, and it is collateral. In the unsecured loan, you are required to provide the loan amount at the high rate of interest, and there is no need for security deposit. If you think your company can handle some finance, then you can go by latter, but if your company is in deep trouble, then you can consider the former.

It is not fixed that business doesn’t face any problem. Some unforeseen fiscal crisis may occur at a certain point in the business, but with the help of debt consolidation loan, the situation can be brought in controlled and once again owner will be able to regain the control of the finance of the company. Before choosing the consolidation loan plan, you must do some research and understand it, then only go ahead with the decision of choosing it. Startups are very much different from established firms, and they have some requirement for the finances which require attention from time to time.


Startups should once experience the debt consolidation loan during the survival in the market. Consolidating the debts of the business can be a long way that can make a company free of debt. You will have to be cautious about your decision.

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Facts about Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation An average of 80% of Americans have withstanding debts, states www.msn.com. There have been times when it becomes extremely difficult for a consumer to handle all his debts. During these times, it is obvious that he tends to opt for a debt management program. However, there is a lot of confusion that arises between debt settlement and debt consolidation. Consumers find it difficult to understand, which program they should opt for. If you are also in a similar situation, it is suggested that you get to know about the various facts that are associated with both debt consolidation and debt settlement and then come to a proper conclusion, as to which one is the best for you.

5 Facts about debt consolidation

If you are having a lot of withstanding debts, it is obvious that the minimum payment at the end of every month is not going to help you fix the debt amounts. Some things definitely need to change and you can consider debt consolidation, as it allows you to make a single payment at the end of every month and the interest rates are also comparatively low. Before you decide anything, it is crucial that you get a proper idea about the various facts that are associated with a debt consolidation loan.

When you are consolidating, there is no guarantee that the rates of interest will be low

The rates of interest associated with the debt consolidation loans are normally set by the descriptions of the creditor or the lender and it is completely dependent on the previous payment behavior of a consumer as well as his credit score. Even if you are qualifying for loans that have low rates of interest, there is obviously not going to be a guarantee about the interest rate being low. However, it is important that you stay honest as the interest rate is not going to be your main issue. The main issue is undoubtedly the spending habit that you have.

Lowering the interest rates on the debt consolidation loans can undergo changes

This is applicable when the debt amounts are consolidated with the help of the balance transfers of credit cards. The low rate of interest is normally the introductory promotion, which is applicable only for a certain time period. The rate can also increase with time.

Consolidating the bills mean that you are going to remain in debt for a longer time period

For every case, a consumer is going to have low payments and the reason behind this is that the time period of the loan is normally prolonged. It is extremely important to understand that an extended term also means that the payments will be extended. Your primary objective should be getting out of your debts as fast as possible.

Debt consolidation does not mean the elimination of debts

Consumers need to understand that they are only restructuring the debt, and they are not eliminating the debt at all. You do not need to rearrange the debt; you only need to reform it.

The behavior that you have with money fails to change

It has been observed, that a number of times after a consumer has consolidated the entire debt amount, the debt starts growing back. This is because most of the consumers do not have a proper plan for saving money and they tend to spend a lot. If a consumer is not establishing proper money habits in order to stay away from debt, it is obvious that a debt consolidation loan cannot help him in any way.

4 Facts about debt settlement

Debt settlement is known to work in an amazing manner when the excess burden after credit card debts start overwhelming you. However, there are certain facts about debt settlement that you should know before you take any particular decision.

The credit card companies do not like the debt settlement programs

Most of the companies do not prefer the debt settlement program and the reason behind this is that they lose a huge amount of money. There is no obligation that your credit card organization has to offer or negotiate a debt settlement for a lesser amount in comparison to what you actually owe. It completely depends on you as to how you are convincing them and you also need to offer the payment, which is going to satisfy the business needs that they have. You need to be ready for a frustrating process of continuous negotiations.

A debt settlement program normally means a huge amount of payment

A debt settlement means that you are paying your creditors a part of the amount that you owed on basis of all the terms that you are negotiating with them. This amount is lump sum as it should satisfy the withstanding debt and is also responsible for closing the account that the creditors have with you. A creditor normally accepts a debt settlement program because it is better to receive a lump sum partial payment in comparison to receiving no money at all.

Consumers need to have money before they are negotiating

An important bargaining tool is paying a lesser amount of money in comparison to what the consumer owes, by offering a huge amount of money for settling the debt obligation. This means that if you are going for a debt settlement program, it is important that you have your money ready before you start your negotiation. If you offer more money than what you have, it is going to put you in trouble as you will not be able to meet the agreement. You can go through the debt settlement feedback left by consumers on different reputed websites.

The debt will not get reduced

Despite all the promises that a debt settlement organization normally makes, you can never expect to pay half of the entire debt amount. There can be a reduction of 15% to 30% of the outstanding balance. In a few instances, it might be possible to convince the credit card companies to take a slightly lesser amount than that, and it is also going to need proper skills of negotiation from your side.


It is always suggested that you take proper pieces of advice from your tax lawyer in order to know, which debt management program is right for you.

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Ownership And Taxation Are Few Things To Consider For A New Investor Being an investor you will want to put your money in assets, tangible or intangible, but the thing is you must know how to own those assets, where to own those assets and how these will affect your income in the long and short term. All these facts and knowledge will make your investment fruitful.

Assuming that you want to invest in business equity of a publicly traded business, there are two specific types of ownerships that you can choose to have.

  • Outright Ownership: This is a specific type of ownership wherein you buy the shares outright from any individual company directly. That mans these shares will reflect in your balance sheet as well as that of the entity whose share you hold and control. You become an actual shareholder in this company and have your right in their operation and even have voting rights. When you own such shares you will have the right to access to the dividend income of the company and at the same time the net worth of the shares will also rise along with the growth of the company.
  • Pooled Ownership: You may also own assets of the company jointly with other people and mix your money with theirs through a shared structure. The entity will offer such ownership most commonly through mutual funds. There are different types of funds you can invest in here such as the most common and popular open-ended mutual fund. If you have a large amount of money to invest, you can invest in hedge funds. On the other hand, any investor who does not have large sums to invest can consider Exchange Traded Funds. You may also try out the Index Funds if you want to buy diversified portfolios at a much cheaper rate than their individual prices taken together.

How you want to own your assets is very important as that will affect your share in it and the amount of return that you can expect.

The tax factor

Once you are knowledgeable enough about the type of asset you want and the type of ownership most suitable for you, you must now focus on the tax factor before you eventually invest. However, the tax amount and process will vary according to the law of the state and where you are holding your asset. There are different options and factors to consider here as well such as:

  • Taxable Accounts: If you want to hold taxable accounts such as a brokerage account you will have to pay taxes along the way however your money will not be restricted. You can spend your money on anything you want and however you want. You can cash it all in and spend it in buying a house or you can even add to it each year by as much as you want. There is no limitation in these accounts but for all transactions you will have to pay taxes on these accounts.
  • Tax Shelters: You can even invest through a 401(k) plan at work or a Roth IRA personally or both. In fact there are a lot of asset protection and tax benefits that you can use including some other retirement plans and accounts. Just make sure that these have an unlimited bankruptcy protection because if you suffer from any medical disaster or if there is such an incident that clears out your personal balance sheet, you are well protected. In such scenarios you will still be able to recover your investment capital. You will be able to enjoy the compounding effect of these investments and you will be beyond the reach of your creditors. Few of these are even tax deferred often. This means you will get a tax rebate when you deposit the investment capital into the chosen account of investments. You will have to pay tax on these accounts in the future which is often decades later. This will allow you to enjoy tax deferred growth year after year.
  • Tax free accounts: There are even a few accounts that are tax-free. For these accounts you do not have to pay taxes on the money now. You will also not have to pay taxes on any of your investment profits that are generated within the account. Moreover, you will not have to pay taxes on the funds that you may withdraw later in your life. However, good tax planning is required for this just as you should do for your entire career early so that you can earn a lot of additional wealth down the road because the benefits of it will compound upon it automatically.
  • Trusts: There is a lot of different asset protection mechanisms such as trusts in which you can invest as well. These entities and structures provide a few major tax planning and asset protection benefits when you use this specific ownership method. These entities will also help you to restrict the way in which your capital will be used.

However, if you have a lot of real estate investments and operating assets it is best to speak to your attorney before you set up a holding company. Strategic and careful planning will reduce the risks and increases the yield on your investment. When you have enough funds with you at the right time you can get rid of your debts if any not having to take help of grants and benefits that you will come across at nationaldebtreliefprograms.com.

Safety tips for new investor

Since inviting money is involves risks you will have to take caution about how much you invest, on which you invest and how you invest.

Always make sure that the framework of investment is not out of the way. Also make sure that you have all the ends covered so that there is no free matching money left on the table. Also build up a series of cash reserves to avail a good investing program. As cash is a strategic asset it can dampen volatility but in normal interest rate environments it will provide decent yields as well.

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General, Federal And State Regulations Of E-Cigarette The rules and regulations regarding the manufacturing and distribution of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes usually vary across states and countries. Few states have a few regulations put to it while others have no regulations at all. There are even a few stricter states that ban such e-cigarettes completely.

However, most of the states have introduced strict restrictions on different countries now following suit. Few countries have even licensed these devices as medicines.

By 2015, it was found through different surveys that almost two-thirds of all major nations of the world have imposed some regulations on e-cigarettes in some way or the other. However, the legislation regarding electronic cigarettes is debated in several countries. This is due to the potential relationship with medical drug policies and the tobacco laws.

The manufacturing companies of e-cigarettes have constantly been pushing the government in their region to formulate laws that will support and serve their business interests. However, governments are maintaining their strict stance considering the side effects these electronic cigarettes may have on human health and the growing interest and use of these cigarettes among adolescents.

The new laws

In 2016 the US Department of Transportation has banned the use of these e-cigarettes on the commercial flights to and fro.

  • In December the same year, HUD also passed a rule that prohibited the use of any prohibited tobacco products in any common area, public places and even in each home unit. This ban is even extended further within the next 18 months from the outside of any building to 25 feet from any public housing.
  • This ban by HUD affected more than 700,000 units that included almost 500,000 for the elderlies. This rule was however designed with the belief that it will reduce the overall maintenance costs and at the same time will lower the risk of devastating fires. It was also formulated to benefit the overall health of the community and staff and to help improve the indoor air quality. However, these rules regarding prohibited tobacco products are being reevaluated as warranted.

HUD, however, did not include electronic cigarettes in their list of prohibited tobacco products. On the contrary, they left it for the public housing agency to decide on the use of electronic cigarettes. The ban is usually on cigarettes and cigars, pipes and hookahs or water pipes only. The fact that electronic cigarettes did not carry any maintenance cost savings resulted in its exemption. Moreover, there was no conclusive proof or evidence available for the HUD to state that vapor produced by these electronic cigarettes caused any damage to the units.

The legal status

The legal status of electronic cigarettes is lying pending currently in many countries while on the other hand; several countries have already banned the use of e-cigarettes. In these countries, it is technically illegal to sell these as it contains nicotine which is harmful to human health. In other countries, the sale of electronic cigarettes is restricted to adults only.

  • There are even a few more countries in which the Food and Drug Administration extends its regulatory power to these e-cigarettes. According to this FDA ruling, certain issues are to be evaluated such as the ingredients used to make this product and the health risks. It will also consider the appeal of the product to non-users as well as minors which are banned by the FDA.
  • The rule states that all buyers will have to provide a valid and authentic photo ID proof to buy an e-cigarette.
  • The rule also states that vending machines are not permitted for the sale of electronic cigarettes to all-ages.
  • The FDA used its discretionary power under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act and labeled e-cigarette devices as well as e-liquids as tobacco products. This means the FDA will have regulatory power in its manufacturing and labeling whether it is the liquid or the device on the whole.
  • The law also states that any vape shop that mix e-liquids or modify devices will be considered as manufacturing sites of electronic cigarettes. That means these shops will have to get them registered with the FDA and comply with the good manufacturing practice regulation.

Role of the e-cigarette companies

With so many rules and regulations imposed by the government as well as the FDA, the electronic cigarette and tobacco companies feared a low turnover and recruited several lobbyists in an effort to prevent such ruling from the FDA. As it is, this ruling not only involved evaluating the electronic cigarette products but also banned the already existing products on the market, which ideally is the primary concern of the electronic cigarette manufacturing companies.

Standardization and quality control

Later, there were several other laws and regulations imposed on electronic cigarettes by governments of different countries and The FDA. Regulations were passed to standardize liquids and vaporizers and for its quality control as well.

Regulations were also made very strict regarding the disclosure of ingredients used to manufacture the e-liquids. In addition to that, there were specific laws made to ensure child-proofing and tamper-proofing for these e-liquid packaging.

The FDA published all proposed regulations for electronic cigarettes and along with it imposed a few taxes on e-cigarettes in different states considering it to be a tobacco product. On the other hand, different regional and state governments took the initiative to broaden their smoking bans within their jurisdiction and included electronic cigarettes in their list of banned tobacco products.

Sale of e-cigarette to minors is strictly banned as these are listed as drug delivery devices because it contains nicotine in the e-liquid. However, in the US, television advertising is not restricted as these electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. On the other hand, countries that have regulated these cigarettes as a medical product, however, have not approved these as an aid to smoking cessation.

Therefore, if you buy an electronic cigarette and think of smoking it in public, make sure you know about the rules and regulations that govern your purchase and smoking of e-cigarettes.

Legal https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/general-federal-and-state-regulations-of-e-cigarette-147.shtml https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/general-federal-and-state-regulations-of-e-cigarette-147.shtml Editor Fri, 09 Nov 2018 08:31:23 -0500
Some essential questions that you must ask before you buy a horse Horses make wonderful pets. They have been great friends for man throughout our history. Getting a horse for a pet is a decision that you will not regret. You can do lots of things with a pet horse, like riding out in the country or using it for your transportation or as a farm labor animal. But before you buy a horse, you need to ask some important questions. In this article, you will learn about such essential questions which you should ask before buying a horse. 

  1. The first thing that you need to question is the age of the horse. What is its height and how is its build? You need to check if these numbers match with the criteria that you have set. Only if the match is made, should you go ahead with buying the horse?
  2. You need to check for the color of the horse and see if it has any markings. Lots of people are picky about these issues, and if they matter to you, then you must thoroughly check these also.
  3. You need to check the temperament of the horse. Find out if your horse is gentle, quiet and calm or not.
  4. If you are getting a mare, then you must check if she has any type of mood swings or not.
  5. You need to find out if your horse is easy for catching and then putting a horseshoe on. Will it be easy to trailer your horse and worm it? If your horse is not easy with these, then it will be a burden for you, and you will have to put up with such bad habits and stubbornness.
  6. Does your horse have any type of fears? Like fear of dogs, cars and so on. This will not be an ideal horse if it has such fears.
  7. Check if your horse has any type of health issues. You need to research upon the issue and find out if it will be too much of a problem for you.
  8. You should find out if your horse has any type of physical problems or limitations. Do a proper check-up at the vet to find these out.

You can visit TVG in order to learn more about how you can choose the best horse for yourself as a pet or as a companion.

Wrapping things up

Horses are one of the most beautiful animals in the world. They have been a constant support to humanity for thousands of years. They have been a companion for man through times of both war and during peace. Horses make amazing pets because they are gentle, quiet and calm. There are a lot of breeds of horses that you can choose from for your pet. But you must consider the points mentioned in this article first, before buying a horse. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): What You Need to Know

We all know that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic in recent years. Almost everyday we can hear news about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. New startups related to crypto band blockchain are being created at a very fast speed.

Among the many applications of the blockchain technology, one that has been getting a lot of attention recently is the concept of decentralized exchanges, or in short, DEXs. 

What is a decentralized exchange? Well, to answer this question, first we need to understand how traditional exchanges work. 

Most cryptocurrency exchanges we know, for example, CoinBase, Bitfinex and Binance, etc. are centralized exchanges. When you open an account, you need to upload your personal information (passport copies, utility bills etc.) as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Before you can trade at a centralized exchange, you also need to send your money (for example, USD) or cryptocurrency (for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum) to a dedicated account that belongs to the exchange. 

In other words, centralized exchanges will hold your funds. This could be a problem. Before centralized exchanges are big targets for hackers. They are trying to find ways to break into the exchanges and steal people's money. Once they are successful in doing that, they can take a big amount of cryptocurrency away. Once customers' cryptocurrency gets stolen, it'd be very hard for the centralized exchange to get them back. As a result, their customer might lose big.

On the other hand, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) work differently. 

Most DEXs use smart contracts to do trading. Smart contracts are software program hosted by blockchains such as Ethereum. Smart contracts are open sources and reliable. As a result, many DEXs do not need to ask their customers to deposit money or cryptocurrency to the exchange. When customers are trading, the cryptocurrencies or tokens involved will be exchanged by the smart contract and the exchange can happen directly between traders' crypto wallets directly without the third-party temporarily holding them.

Before of this feature, trading on a non-custodial decentralized exchange is much safer than trading at a centralized exchange. 

There're many flavors of decentralized exchanges, for example, the 0x protocol, the Kyber Network, Airswap, IDEX, EtherDelta etc. Different DEXs usually work differently and have different focuses. For example, LedgerDex, a DEX based on the 0x protocol, allows users to add and trade any ERC20 tokens without the lengthy process of asking the exchange to add new tokens.

One should know that DEX is still a relatively new technology. Compared to centralized exchanges, DEX also has some drawbacks.

Since DEX rely on blockchains to execute trades, the speed of blockchain transaction often affect the speed of trading. The Ethereum blockchain recently get congested and become slow quite often. When this happens, trading on a DEX can be slower. 

Also, currently the liquidity of DEXs is usually not as high as that of the centralized exchanges. Although it's easier to get started trading on a DEX, sometimes you won't be able to successfully finish a trade before there're not many traders trading with you.

However, one should realize that DEX is a new technology. Just as any new technology, it takes time for it to grow and become faster, more reliable and more useful. Many people believe that decentralization is the key thing for the future world, and decentralized exchanges might eventually become really big and popular and they might even replace our current centralized exchanges. 

Money and Finance https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/decentralized-exchanges-dexs-what-you-need-to-know-145.shtml https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/decentralized-exchanges-dexs-what-you-need-to-know-145.shtml Editor Fri, 10 Aug 2018 05:13:18 -0400
Why Forklift Operators Need To Be Licensed Professionals

The CBS Marketwatch predicts that the global market for forklifts is expected to grow. Therefore the need for forklift operators will also increase. For you to operate a forklift, you need to undergo first a training program, become licensed and certified. Independent training programs are available, however, it’s your employer's responsibility to license you for forklift operation.

The Law Enforces It

The law requires that a worker should undergo training and certification, even if driving a forklift is just a small portion of their job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), requires every forklift operator to have an OSHA forklift certification. It is to ensure safety in the workplace as well as to avoid any injury among workers.

Fines can go up to $7,000 if an employee is caught driving without undergoing proper training and certification. However, the penalties can go up to $70,000 if there is proven negligence on the company's part. Moreover, all forklift operators must be aged at least 18 years old or older.

Ensure Safety

Training dramatically reduces injuries and accidents from happening in the workplace. In fact, according to the OSHA, approximately 77 percent of accidents could have been prevented in the workplace through proper training.

The forklift operator needs to be trained to ensure that they know how to use the equipment according to safety standards. They have to be aware of the hazards that may arise in the workplace and always cautious to prevent injury. Moreover, they know how to maintain equipment properly and that everything is taken cared of ‒ from doing safety and equipment checks, refilling battery fluid, to ensuring there is no maltreatment if equipment.

Cost Efficient

During accidents, not only workers' lives are put at stake, but also the product. A damaged product can cause significant losses for the company. When forklift machinery is continuously involved in accidents and misuse, they needed to be repaired, which will eventually add up over time. Since these are expensive equipment, they have to be treated with care.

A company can avoid significant product losses through proper training. As a result, there are fewer accidents and more efficiency in the workplace. It dramatically reduces costs especially in the amount of money you spend repairing and servicing the equipment.

You’ll Have a Competitive Edge

Having proper certifications gives an individual an absolute competitive advantage among other applicants for the job because of the following reasons:

It shows how skilled you are to handle to the position if you're applying for a post that requires you to use a forklift, having the right experience and training is crucial in handling and operating the equipment.

Furthermore, there will be less training spend on you. Most companies prefer a new employee who they will spend less time training and can get the job done. It also shows how proactive you are as an individual ‒ earning an OSHA certification shows most employers how dynamic you are. Not only by abiding the law but by genuinely caring about the safety of those you work with, as well as the industry you're involved with.

Increases Productivity

Operators who are adequately trained and have the right kind of certifications are more productive and efficient in their respective jobs. As efficiency increases, workers will get more and more comfortable operating the machinery. Being OSHA certified not only ensures safety, but it also helps operators improve both their operating and driving skills. It gives them not only necessary training but the confidence to operate behind the machine.

It’s a Must

Having necessary forklift training and certifications is essential for every forklift operator. It’s not just about the competitive edge but also the safety and cost-effectiveness of the company. You can always check the internet for companies who’ll offer courses that will make competitive just like Master Drive Forklift Course.

You have to know that not all forklift training is the same. Before enrolling, you need to do your research so that you will be able to get the required skills and knowledge from the course.

Do forklift operators need to be retrained every three years?

OSHA may not require an operator to retrain at a specific schedule that's set by them, and only does so when certain condition change, such as:

  • An operator may be assigned to a new type of unit.
  • An operator is assigned to a different location, and the condition of operating a forklift may change.
  • The operator is recently involved in an accident or a near miss and needs to be observed how they could safely operate the machine.
  • The operator recently received an evaluation that they are not safely operating the forklift.

Note that the OSHA requires the employer to evaluate their worker's performance once every three years. Depending on their evaluation, an employee may need refresher training.

Legal https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/why-forklift-operators-need-to-be-licensed-professionals-144.shtml https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/why-forklift-operators-need-to-be-licensed-professionals-144.shtml Editor Tue, 24 Jul 2018 03:45:55 -0400
Be a More Informed Consumer Being a consumer means different things.

One real important thing is making sure your finances are as protected as can be. If they are not, you could end up with different financial headaches.

So, how informed of a consumer are you?

Do You Have Some Watching Out for You?

In trying to be an informed and protected consumer, it begins with protection.

For example, do you have an I.D. theft protection provider to watch out over your finances for you?

Unfortunately, many are not doing what they should be to protect their finances. As a result, they can set themselves up for trouble.

If you have not had a protection provider up to now, start doing some research to see which ones to choose from.

You could do Identity Guard reviews and reviews of other top companies in this line of work.

Once you whittle down the providers, go with one that has a track record of getting results for customers.

Such results mean alerting you if there are any irregularities with any of the following:

  • Bank account
  • Credit cards
  • Credit report
  • Child’s identity
  • Public records

By making sure your personal identity is as safe as possible, you can sleep a little better at night.

Work on Your End

While having an identity theft protection provider is key, there is also work on your end.

Start by remembering the following:

  • Don’t give out info – Although there are times when companies need info from you, know which are scams. Never take a call from one claiming to represent the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS does not use the phone to contact taxpayers for personal financial details.
  • Don’t leave your credit cards exposed – It is also important you do not leave your credit cards exposed. Unfortunately, some consumers will be out and leave their card sitting around. That is all the time it takes for an identity theft thief to scoop up the important personal info. Always have a watch over your cards when out in public.
  • Don’t mess up online – Another issue is when consumers blurt out financial details online. An example would be telling a stranger where you bank, which credit cards you have and more. Unless needed for official business, such information should never go out online. If you do provide it online, make sure it is over a secure connection.
  • Don’t allow your children exposure – Last, thieves will often go after children online. The thinking is kids could give criminals pertinent details about parents’ finances. Remind your children to never talk about family finances when online.

Last, be a more informed consumer by staying up to speed on the latest trends with identity theft.

There are many blog posts and other means of such news available on the Internet.

By knowing the latest trends, you reduce your chances of becoming yet another victim.

So, is it time you became a more informed consumer?

Shopping https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/be-a-more-informed-consumer-143.shtml https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/be-a-more-informed-consumer-143.shtml Editor Thu, 19 Jul 2018 22:18:31 -0400
5 Things to Thoroughly Inspect When Buying a Home Buying a home is a major investment, and the last thing you need is to spend your hard-earned money on a house that’s riddled with damage. While some states require you to have a home inspection done, some do not, but no matter what, it’s a good idea for you to have one done even if it’s not required. After all, there are certain things you should keep your eye on that will help you make your final decision on which house you want to purchase. Whether you’re just looking or in the final stretch of your home purchase, here are five things you’ll want to thoroughly inspect.

  1. Foundation

The foundation of a home plays a very important role in whether or not the house is safe to live in. If there are major foundation issues, it means the house could put you and your family in harm’s way. For instance, a poor foundation could lead to a failing structure, and this is not something you want to have happen to you or your new home. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the foundation and look for cracks, breaking, damage, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary. Please note that foundation issues are often extremely expensive to fix, so you’ll definitely want to know ahead of time if there’s something you need to keep your eye on.

  1. Roof/Siding

Because the home’s exterior deals with all types of weather conditions, it is often at risk of needing to be repaired. When looking at the exterior of the home, you’ll want to look for any signs of damage that need to be replaced or could be signs of other damage. For instance, a damaged roof could be a sign there’s water or mold damage underneath that will create a more expensive fix. In addition, you’ll want to know how to spot hail damage as well as mold, wind, or fire damage so you can determine if this is something that you can fix or if it’s a deal-breaker on that specific house.

  1. Furnace/Air Condition

When it comes to inspecting the home, it’s not just about the aesthetics. It’s also about the main functionality of the home. For instance, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect your furnace and air conditioning unit to ensure they work properly. Again, these are two things that can be expensive to replace, so it’s not ideal for you to pick a home without looking at these two things. Also, it’s important to know the date of the current HVAC unit as well as if it’s up to code and if it can properly service the home. If either unit is too small, it could mean you’ll have a high energy bill just to heat up or cool down your home.

  1. Water Pipes

Water damage can lead to mold, and this is not only detrimental to your health, but it can also be expensive to fix. When looking at a potential new home, be sure to look for any signs of water damage, specifically in kitchens and bathrooms. Check underneath sinks to see if you can spot any leaks, and check basements for any signs of leaks or musty smells. In addition, be sure to run every faucet and flush every toilet to give you a sense of the water pressure. If you notice leaks or damage, it’s a good idea to have a professional plumber come and check it out.

  1. Electric

Your home’s electric can cause a lot of damage if it’s faulty, so be sure this is something you thoroughly look at. In fact, it makes sense to have a licensed electrician inspect the electricity throughout the home and ensure it’s all up to date and appropriate for your home’s size. If they notice anything wrong with the electrical, it’s a good idea to bring it up to the current homeowners and see if they will fix it. If not, you can use this for negotiating your price or you can use it as a decision factor in whether or not you want to actually move forward with buying the house.

Because buying a home is very big investment, you need to focus your efforts and thoughts on the factors that can actually impact your safety or the overall cost of the house. This means keeping an eye on things like your roof, water, electric, siding, and foundation. Using things like paint colors or types of flooring as a decision in whether or not to buy a home is not always the right thing.

Real Estate https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/5-things-to-thoroughly-inspect-when-buying-a-home-142.shtml https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/5-things-to-thoroughly-inspect-when-buying-a-home-142.shtml Editor Thu, 28 Jun 2018 10:49:09 -0400
Where Do You Turn When a Medical Emergency Strikes? Dealing with a medical emergency can mean different things for different individuals.

While some emergencies are only going to take a few minutes to address, others will be more involved.

Though you hope to never deal with an emergency of your own or one close to you, preparing is always a good thing.

So, where will you turn when a medical emergency strikes?

Do Your Research Now

In figuring out how you would deal with a medical emergency, keep a few pointers in mind:

  1. Where would you go? – Getting to the right facility when dealing with an emergency can make all the difference. That said whether you go to an Arlington emergency room in Texas or one near where you live, know your options. Scout out ahead of time what kind of medical facilities are near both where you live and work. This way, you won’t find surprise on where to turn for help in an emergency.
  2. Who will get you help? When a medical emergency strikes, there’s always the possibility you will not be able to get help on your own. Yes, it of course depends on how serious the emergency in fact is. This is why it is wise to have an emergency contact listing on both your phone and in your wallet or purse. If you get attention from personnel, they need to know who to contact for you when it comes to family or a close friend.
  3. Do you have health insurance? – Although a medical facility will need to treat you during an emergency, do you have insurance? Unfortunately, many people go without such coverage for one reason or another. As a result, they can wind up with quite a medical bill at the end of the day if not covered. Do your best to have minimal coverage at worst. In doing so, at least you have some financial protection should there be an emergency.
  4. Info for medical pros – It is important medical pros know your healthcare history. Are you allergic to any specific medications? Are you on any current medications? Have you had any major surgeries done over time? By letting medical personnel know of these things, you can speed up the care you get.

It is also good to know services at both emergency medical facilities and hospitals.

One of the advantages in opting for the former is that you often will not have to wait as long as you would in hospital. Along with the physical care you need, you do not want to be stressing over your needs and making matters worse.

Given all the stresses people have to deal with, don’t let how you would deal with an emergency keep you up at night.

Although emergencies can strike out of nowhere, with some planning, you can be more ready for them.

So, take some time today to learn what your options are.

And while doing so, do all you can to stay as healthy as possible.

Health and Fitness https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/where-do-you-turn-when-a-medical-emergency-strikes-141.shtml https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/where-do-you-turn-when-a-medical-emergency-strikes-141.shtml Editor Tue, 26 Jun 2018 22:12:02 -0400
3 Effective Ways to Create Enduring and Endearing Business Names Selecting a good business name that is enduring, endearing, that will last, is one of the first things smart entrepreneurs consider when starting a new business. This is key to business success and survival, as picking the wrong business name will have short and long term effects. Hence, taking the time to choose a good name for your company, business or product is well worth it.

There are many moving parts to business name selection, things to consider, which presents a hurdle to many a founder or entrepreneur. This article seeks to demystify the process of business name selection and help you generate business name ideas that will last a long time.

I’ll be sharing 3 key tips that will help you select not just a good business name, but one(s) that will stand the test of time long after you’re gone. Think of generational brands that have been known to your parents and now your children; yours could be among them.

Reports by Small Business Administration show there are over 28 million SMBs in the US alone, and many more worldwide; number one element of differentiation, their names! Now, that’s the last thing any serious entrepreneur should toy with.


What is a Business Name?

A doing business as (dba) name is your business’ known name, the name by which your business is known to the public. This is/can be different from your legally registered name.

Okay, and

What is a Good Business Name?

Every business or company has a name, but not all have good business or company names. A good company name is an invaluable asset, and can help you increase market share.

For instance, Indomie brand of noodles has so dominated the Nigerian market that consumers now refer to all noodles as Indomie. Of course, this is not attributable to the name alone, but if your product is good, a good name gives extra mileage.

Which brings us to

The Perfect Business Name

A perfect business name you ask? Yes, one that can perfectly capture, summarize, encapsulate and project your core business value proposition to consumers at first glance. It may be a word, two or more, but quite a lot goes into creating one.

Perhaps you're beginning to wonder

But Why Bother About Business Naming, Really?

Because your business name sets the tone for your business, will feature in logo, letterhead, letters, invoice, billboards, outdoor advertising, website etc.

In addition a short-sighted business name will require change when your business begins to expand, by that time it could cost you millions to rename and rebrand. It cost Noah Kagan millions of dollars to change from AppSumo to Sunome, Utah taxpayers may spend $50m to rename UTA to TDU.

And if you decide to sell the business tomorrow, the name can be a major dollar drawer, the domain name Cars.Com sold for $872m, yes eight hundred and seventy-two million US dollars!

3 Ways to Create Enduring, Endearing Business Names

There are several ways to create great business names like using business name generators. This allows you generate several catchy business name ideas quickly.

However, it is essential to get the following basics in place first

  1. Know Your Market

How well do you know your market? Prior market knowledge is necessary before venturing into any market, industry or vertical. This will save you time and money in expensive experimentation.

This involves extensive, in-depth, niche, relevant data collection for informed business decision making. This investigation will reveal trends, top selling products, top performers, etc.

Above all, it could help you create a befitting business name suited to your market in terms of scope, size, offerings, etc, for example by (cleverly) rendering or coining a name from popular industry terms or lingo, that immediately projects you as knowledgeable and capable of delivering. This is especially true for consultancy services and can give you a competitive edge.

If your business is located in a crowded, busy complex with lots of signboards, a business name that reflects deep market insight will be in plain sight.

  1. Know Your Competitor(s)

Knowing your competitor(s) automatically gives you competitive advantage, otherwise you'd be shadow boxing, and nobody has yet won a heavyweight title shadow boxing.

Imagine your competitor(s) as your challenger in a boxing match.

What is their

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Speed
  • History
  • Strength
  • Weakness?

Without these vital information you'd be grossly unprepared for a fight as your opponent may outsize, outweigh, outpace, outdo and overwhelm you in seconds.

Same goes for business, size up your competitors first before making any moves into their territory. Discover their strengths and weaknesses, then turn that into your advantage.

Using noodles again for example, assuming you eye Nigerian market where Indomie is already a household name, you could decide to increase the size of your noodles, include certain vital nutrients that may be lacking in Indomie, target teens, etc.

As it relates to naming, why do they call all noodles Indomie, is it also because the name is smooth and easy to pronounce for children who are the major consumers, could you do something better?

  1. Know Your Customer

If you do not know your average customer well enough you'd be selling ice to Eskimos in the same shape and form as they can get it in their backyards.

This will be a cool waste of time and effort, plus investment. Knowing your customer on the other hand, guarantees that you're offering what they really want and not what you think they want.

Again drawing from the last example, if your noodle targets Nigerian children, what names are likelier to appeal to children, that will be easier for them to pronounce and talk about with their peers and parents?

Similarly, if you know your customers well enough your business or campaign names will avoid words or terms that may offend any segment of this market or carry negative connotations.

Smart business naming practice could mean you select a broad business or company name, then run several campaigns or products under different names for the different markets you serve, keeping customers in mind in each case.


Business naming like music is an art, you may not top the charts overnight but with consistency and hard work you'd get better at it, plus technology like business name generators can help.

Author Bio:

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business/Ecommerce B2B/B2C Copywriter, featured in scores of blogs including Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, Floship, SmallBusinessBonfire, SmallBizClub, Successful Startup 101, Business Partner Magazine, RabidOfficeMonkey, etc.

He’s available for hire.

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Powerful Benefits of Call Tracking When Improving Your Business When you’re spreading the word about products or services that your business is offering, you may not have put a phone number on any of the marketing channels that you’ve used. After all, your leads should be able to message or email you, right? But according to Search Engine Land, 65 percent of businesses still regard phone calls as a high-quality source of potential customers. After all, most people still want to hear a human voice on the other end of the line. Thus, you’ll want to have call tracking set up for your business. However, call tracking is more than what you think it means as it can also provide the following powerful benefits when improving your business.

1. You can easily identify which among your business’s marketing channels are attracting the most number of leads to your business and which ones aren’t worth investing anymore.

If you haven’t included a phone number in any of the marketing channels that you’re using to promote your products or services, you’re missing out on the opportunity to know where and how your leads had found out about your business.

With call tracking, each of your marketing channels have a unique phone number, thus making it easier for you to identify which channels had pulled the most number of leads to your business that can translate to a significant increase in profit.

Using call tracking can also make it easier for you to identify which marketing channels aren’t generating as much leads to your business that can cause you to abandon those promotional mediums altogether and focus on high-performing ones instead.

2. You can easily tailor-fit your business’s products or services to meet the needs of your potential customers.

Once you’ve found out where and how your leads have found out about your business using call tracking, you’ll then want to get to know them better. As you can record each of your leads’ calls with call tracking, you can listen back to what they want your products or services to have.

You can then customize your products or services to suit the needs of your potential customers instead of waiting for them to complain that they aren’t satisfied at all with what you’ve offered to them.

3. You can easily spot which among your customer service staff are pulling as many leads to your business as they can and which ones aren’t doing so.

Aside from getting to know your potential customers better, call tracking also lets you accurately see how your customer service staff handle your leads’ inquiries and concerns.

Call tracking allows you to measure the performance of your customer service staff, thus making it easier for you to see which ones are consistently converting your leads to customers and which ones aren’t even trying at all.

You can then reward your high-performing customer service staff for a job well done. As for those who have failed to convert your leads to customers, you can arrange a meeting with them to investigate further as to why they haven’t performed as much as their colleagues.


Most of your leads might still prefer to dial your business’s phone number to ask anything about a product or service that you’re offering. After all, verbal communication often results in faster response and resolution that you can’t achieve by replying to a message or email. You wouldn’t want to have only one business phone number for receiving calls though. With call tracking, you can have several phone numbers set up by a service provider such as Fone Dynamics to track each of the calls that your potential customers are making to your business. The above-listed powerful benefits of call tracking when improving your business should convince you further to have it installed as soon as possible.

John Taylor

John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.

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How Often Should You Have Your Home Inspected For Pests? If you’ve never had an issue with pests in your home then you are definitely one of the lucky ones! According to statistics 84% of US homeowners have had a problem with pests in the last 12 months!

Having your home inspected will allow you to identify if there is an issue, what the issue is and how to best deal with it. If you have no issue an inspection can help it to stay that way by identifying vulnerabilities in your home.

The fact is that pests can enter virtually any home. You may not have had an issue and think it will never happen; but it can. This is why it is essential to book an inspection now and at regular intervals in the future.

How Often Do You Need To Inspect Your Home?

This is a difficult question to answer as it will be different for every home owner.

However, there are some guidelines which you should follow:

  • Yearly

If you’ve not had an issue with pests yet then a yearly inspection in the spring should be sufficient. This is the time when pests are becoming awake and looking for a summer home.

  • Twice Yearly

If you have experienced a pest problem then it is advisable to have your home checked at the beginning of the season and at the end. These are the most prevalent times for pests to find homes.

Twice a year is also a good idea if you’re in an area known to have termites. Waiting a whole year is too long; the termites can have eaten through much of your house during this time.

Between Inspections

It is likely that the inspection will have pointed out any issues with your home which will attract pests or allow them in. It is important to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

You should also visually inspect your home on a regular basis to ensure there are no new entrance points for pests.

This will help to keep them out!

Why Have You Home Inspected

You may feel that a few pests will not bother you. In fact in many cases you will not even see any sign of them.

However, this can be a costly mistake.

Termites can eat your wood and destroy the strength of your home.

Raccoons and rats chew through nearly anything; they can easily damage your electrical wiring. Even mice can cause a lot of damage inside your walls.

Smaller pests such as ants can bite, especially the red ant. They also leave pheromone trails which attract other ants, rapidly increasing the size of the issue.

All of these things can quickly end up costing you far more to put right than the cost of an inspection and a small amount of maintenance.

It doesn’t matter if no one in your area appears to have a problem with pests; prevention is generally much better and easier than treating the problem.

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Tops Tips for Breaking Out of a Funk There are many things that can come along and leave us feeling less confident in ourselves. A relationship breakup, the loss of a job, a health crisis, weight gain, or a death in the family can suddenly cause us to doubt ourselves. Even the move to a different city can take you out of your comfort zone making it hard to get your mojo back.

Get a New Look

It can be too easy to fall into the trap of sticking with the same patterns of thinking. One way to try to break the cycle is to try to update your style. This can be particularly important if you are suddenly finding yourself single again. Don’t think in terms of dressing to catch the eye of someone new or even looking your best. Now is the time to mix things up. Try new looks and have fun. Grab a friend and try on outrageous outfits together. Try a variety of wigs so you can sport blond or blue hair for the day or a night out with friends. You might find a different look that you love or not. Either way, getting outside your comfort zone will help you find a place where you fit.

Avoid the desire to wait until you lose weight, get a new haircut, or find the perfect job. Now is the time to mix things up. Don’t focus on dressing for success. Simply experiment with new styles and don’t be afraid to try something completely different.  

Broaden Your Horizons

When you’re feeling down, the first instinct is often to stick to your traditional comfort zones. Instead, you need to seize new challenges. Now is the perfect time to sign up for a fun class or try out a different hobby. Classes, in particular, are a great way to meet people. Having activities scheduled that you’ve already paid for puts pressure on you to get out. Otherwise it can be too easy to procrastinate on activities so you end up spending too much time home alone.

Contact Your Herd

We all know people that make us feel comfortable or remind us of great times. Now is the time to get together, talk on the phone, or video conference with people who see you for who you are. Avoid energy vampires who are likely to bring you down. You want to be able to connect with upbeat people you trust.

If you need to find more people you can relate to in your city, try looking for opportunities to get involved with a cause you care about. Volunteering and giving back to your community can make you appreciate how fabulous and lucky you are. While you’re there, you can meet more people. Since you’re volunteering for the same cause, you are more likely to have something in common. That could be a start of a wonderful friendship.

Laugh It Up

Comedy is a great way to produce more serotonins to improve your move. Laughing during a game night with friends, enjoying an outrageous movie, or visiting a comedy club can take your mind off yourself while you boost your mood with laughter. Get together with a close friend or two and dress up in costumes to visit an eatery. Do silly things together and you’ll find yourself more at home once you’re back to your usual routine, plus, you’ll have entertaining stories to share.

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How to Teach Your Children to Share As mothers we tend to make it a habit to tell our children to share. It’s a lesson we learned at an early age from our own mothers and they probably learned from their mothers. Sharing and the spirit of giving has been passed down from generation to generation and for very good reasons. While teaching sharing remains important, there are now more complicated issues to consider when discussing sharing with your children.

Sharing is Caring

The concept behind teaching children to share is extremely important. We all want our kids to be willing to share with others, to be generous, and to be willing to play with others. From getting along with siblings to learning how to get along in life, sharing is an important life lesson. The problem is there are limits to sharing your children should understand.


Sharing food is often a key part of socialising. Sadly, for many people sharing food is more of an issue. As society has become more aware about food allergies, we’ve begun recognising the risk children could face when sharing food. If your children have allergies, it is vital that they understand why they can’t freely accept offers of food from other people. This can be very difficult when cupcakes or other delightful treats are being offered.

Kids also need to know that if they offer food to other children, those children might not be able to accept. If your kids are tempted to offer foods to younger children, it is important that they check with those children’s parents, first, to make sure it’s ok. One way to help to prevent problems with sharing food is to make sure your children’s snacks and lunches are clearly marked with name labels. This can help prevent them from eating the wrong child’s food by mistake.


The disadvantage to sharing can be that germs are easy to share. Kids who are young enough to still put items or their fingers in their mouths are particularly at risk from picking up germs while sharing objects. Doctor’s offices and other public places are particularly likely to have items covered with harmful germs. This can make it important for your children to know that sharing their belongings with others or playing with things that belong to others may not always be a good idea.


We want our children to share with others but don’t let your children’s generosity be abused. Bullies can often use “sharing” as a pretence for taking items from other children. Let your children know that in cases like that, your children can decide whether or not to share. Kids who aren’t playing nicely or who aren’t treating items properly, can be turned down. If other children or adults are making your children feel uncomfortable or if they are trying to “borrow” their belongings to take home, saying “no” is a perfectly acceptable response. As much as we like to teach our kids to be generous, we also need to teach them to stand up for themselves and maintain their own boundaries.

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Money Saving Tips for Busy Mums Having kids is an expensive business! The latest figures suggest that the average cost of raising a child from birth to 21 in the UK has now reached £230,000. When you’re raising kids, it can feel like your money is evaporating before your eyes. Everyone knows that a mother’s love is free, but the toys, school uniforms and holidays that children want certainly aren’t. So how can normal mums save money? Here are some top tips that everyone can try:

Start a Babysitting Club

Every mum needs an occasional night off but finding a babysitter can be expensive! Save on the cost of hiring a babysitter by setting up a babysitting circle with some trusted friends instead. When you babysit for someone in the circle, you are given a token. This token can then be exchanged when you need someone to look after your kids, meaning that no one ever feels they are being taken advantage of or doing more than their fair share of the childcare.

You’ll know your children are being looked after by someone you trust, and you won’t have to pay twice to have an evening out!

Sell It On

Do you have a collection at home that you cherish? Whether you collect figurines, coins, or stamps, having a collection that you love will boost your happiness and overall wellbeing. But if you have a collection that doesn’t bring you joy any more then why not sell it on and pocket the cash instead? You can also sell unwanted toys, outgrown clothes, and other discarded household goods to bring a little extra pocket money into your household.

Plan Your Supermarket Shop

The average cost of feeding a child from birth to 21 is now calculated to be £19,270: that’s a lot of chicken nuggets! However, it is possible to reduce the amount you spend on your weekly shop by planning it in advance and cooking from scratch. Menu plan, work out what ingredients you’ll need, and write a weekly shopping list. Check what you have in your cupboards and fridge before you hit the shops to avoid any unnecessary food waste. By doing this, and avoiding those expensive supermarket impulse buys, you’ll be amazed by how much money you’ll save each month.

Use Cash

Swiping your credit or debit card is so easy, and spending on your card often doesn’t feel like spending at all! If you’re keen to save money then instead of swiping that card, spend cash instead. Withdraw the amount of cash you have to spend on extras and incidentals each week, and you will more easily be able to see where your money is going, and budget accordingly.

Save For Christmas

Finally, one of the biggest non-essential expenses that most parents face is the cost of Christmas. This year’s must have toys, trips to meet Santa, and family pantomime tickets don’t come cheap. But Christmas is never a surprise: we know it’s going to happen every year. So, start saving for it now! Putting just £20 a month aside will give you a very respectable £240 to spend on gifts in December. You could also shop for gifts all year round if you have a large family, taking advantage of things you see in the seasonal sales when they are heavily discounted.

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