1ClickGuide.com: Guide 1ClickGuide.com: Guide https://www.1clickguide.com/guide/ Copyright by 1ClickGuide.com en 1ClickGuide.com Mon, 20 Mar 2023 16:20:17 -0400 5 Ways to Style Your Home with Great Furniture Whether you're just starting out with a new home or you've had it for years, styling your home can be a daunting task. But with some tried-and-true design tips, it's easier than ever to turn your space into a dream.

One great tip to use is the "less is more" strategy. Start by taking away a few pieces of decor, wall art, or rugs that don't fit your style.

Opt for a cohesive color scheme

To make your home look as if it flows from room to room, opt for a color scheme that includes neutral base colors and a main accent hue. Then, add complementary shades to the mix for a more cohesive design.

Ideally, you should use a light gray or off-white as your base color, and then use one or two additional neutrals that complement each other. These neutrals should take up about 60 percent of the space, and the rest can be filled with accents.

Whether you’re choosing paint or furniture, stick to one primary color and a few secondary colors for a cohesive look that’s easy to maintain. This will help you avoid a jumbled look that confuses guests.

Make use of statement pieces

One of the best ways to style your home with great furniture is to make use of statement pieces. These can be anything - color, furniture, artwork or even lighting - that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. Larger pieces need care and can be delivered by using professional removalists on Find a Mover. This is to ensure that you risk no damage to these valuable statement pieces if you were to try and transport them yourself.

The key is to ensure that the statement piece doesn’t compete with other decor items or become lost in a cluttered mix.

For example, a bold, blue velvet chair may be a perfect accent for a mid-century modern living room, but it would likely blend into the background in a traditional, ornately carved bedroom. Likewise, a vibrant fuchsia side table can be the focal point in a neutral-toned living room or a supporting player in a jewel-toned bedroom.

Add texture

When it comes to styling your home, adding texture like fabric or a woven rug is a great way to create a unique space. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can find the perfect one to compliment your style.

Whether you're a boucle lover or a shag aficionado, the fabrics that make up your home can provide a sense of depth and character without much effort. For example, velvet adds an upscale feeling to a casual sofa, while sheepskin softens up a plush armchair.

In addition to rugs, you can also use fabric in furniture upholstery and window coverings. Mix and match smooth, woven, fur, shiny, nubby, and other materials to create a more dynamic look.

Embrace multi-functional furniture

One of the best ways to style your home is with furniture that offers multiple functions. This can include sofas that double as seats or beds that you can use during the day and sleep on at night.

Multifunctional furniture can save you a lot of space, so it's a good idea to embrace it when styling your home. It can also make your home look bigger and more organized.

It's also important to choose a piece that's built well and made from quality materials. This way, it'll last for a long time and won't break easily.

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Things To Know About Smoke Alarms Smoke alarms are truly life saving devices, as they warn the residents of a property in the event of a fire. The extremely loud beep of the smoke alarm can’t be overheard which makes it possible for the residents to escape the burning property in time. But smoke alarm maintenance, as well as testing, and repair services are crucial in order to make sure the detectors are working as they should.

Because smoke alarms are such important devices in your home, there are pretty strict regukations that need to be followed to keep everyone safe. This is why it is a legal requirement to have smoke alarms installed in your home, and rules get even tighter when it comes to selling a property.

Where should smoke alarms be installed?

In order to keep everyone safe at all times, it is recommended to get several devices and spread them out throughout the property. Interconnect smoke alarms become more and more common to make sure everyone gets alarmed at ever floor or room of the house, no matter where the fire was detected. The device itself should be installed on the ceiling of the room, to catch the rising smoke, and be located about 30 cm off the wall. Especially keep in mind places that are likely to cause steam like the kitchen or the fireplace.

What types of smoke alarms are there?

There are several different smoke alarms to choose from:

  • 9V Battery Smoke Alarms

While these detectors are the cheapest option, it is also the least safe device. As this device runs off battery, there are no backups in case the battery fails. They can still be a relatively safe device, if the battery will be taken care of and changed on regular basis.

  • Hard-wired smoke alarms

While these devices are connected to the main power, they do have a backup battery in the case of a power outage. Following, these devices are a pretty safe option if you want to make sure everyone will stay protected at any time.

  • 10 year Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Another device that runs off battery, however, the battery lasts for 10 years and does not have to get changed every year. This makes it a low maintenance device for the convenience of its buyers.

  • Ionisation smoke alarms

As the most common smoke alarms these devices enjoy high popularity. These detectors detect smoke particles caused by clean burning fires which makes it less likely to detect a fire in early stages.

  • Photoelectric smoke alarms

Using the newest technology, these devices are the safest option on the market. Detecting the smoke in very early stages of the fire makes it a very effective device that is a good and safe option for you and your family.

Why choose experts to install the alarms?

To make sure you are choosing the right device, install it in the right place and comply with current legislation, it is highly recommended to hire a professional like Glasshouse Home Safety for this job. The team is friendly and reliable and will not only answer all your questions, but install your new smoke alarms within one week.

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5 Things to Consider When Designing Signs for your Car Park There is no doubt that signs are an integral part of car park management. Having clear and concise signage in your car park is vital as it will enable you to keep drivers informed about any rules around parking. Having good signage will in most cases help make the parking experience better for motorists which in turn should increase revenue, reduce problems and prevent unauthorised parking. 

Now while that sounds straightforward, getting the signage just right can sometimes be difficult. You need to ensure you comply with all statutory requirements and that all rules and regulations are explained to drivers in a way that is clear and easy to understand. All parking signs displayed on private land in the UK are required to follow the code of practice laid down by an accredited trade association such as the British Parking Association. So, if you are planning to build a car park on your land or currently run a car park and are unsure about what signage you need here are some tips. 

Signs Must Be Clear and Transparent 

All your signs should be both clear and straight to the point, and include all the fundamental issues in the most effective way possible. It is highly likely that this information will need to be displayed in a small area. If the restrictions in your car park differ during the day you need to highlight that. It is vital that you include all your opening times and charges for parking on your parking signs. 

Remember Directions are as Important as Restrictions

As well as listing and highlighting any restrictions, good car park signage should always include all relevant directional information. This could either be directions to the nearest pay and display machine or in this age of smart technology how to pay on your phone. Entrance and exit points must be clearly marked, don’t forget that the entrance sign is essential for initiating the contract between the driver and the car park. It is also wise to include directions to areas of the car park reserved for specific users such as disabled bays, parent and child parking, motorcycle parking and restricted/no parking zones. 

Car Park Signs Should be Weatherproof

In a climate like the UK, it is essential that all signs are fully protected against the weather. Signs should be totally weatherproof and be durable enough to withstand heavy rain, snow, or hours of bright sunshine. It is imperative your signage remains in good condition as any damage to them could render parking charges null and void. If you employ the services of a car park attendant then you should make regularly checking the signage one of their main responsibilities. 

Signs Should be in the Correct Position

It is really important that any signs are positioned in the correct place, whether that is at the entrance of the car park or throughout it. Not situating your signs in the right place could result in them being missed by the car park users, leading to both confusion and possible misuse of your car park. You should also regularly check your signs to ensure they have not been covered up either by accident or deliberately, as information that is not clearly displayed could lead to a loss in revenue or unauthorised parking. 

All Signs Should be BPA Compliant

Any signage sited on your car park must comply with all relevant and current codes of practice and regulations. We would advise that all car park owners become members of the British Parking Association and adhere to their codes of practice, as this is key if you want to issue PCNs. If your signage is not BPA compliant drivers will be able to challenge penalty charges in court which could potentially lead to you losing revenue. It is advisable to make sure all your signs contain logos of the relevant accrediting body, as this will demonstrate to users you are a legitimate operator and that they can park their car there safely. 

Hopefully, the tips we have given in this article will help you ensure your car park has all the relevant signs in the correct places and contains all the relevant information. 

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12 Options trading strategies to know The bear put spread

It is a strategy that involves buying one option and selling another with lower strike prices but with the same expiration date. It can be considered moderately Bearish because it does not provide upside potential if stock prices go up by more than expected while still offering some protection against downside risks if things turn out differently than planned.

The short straddle

One of the more profitable options trading strategies, short straddles, is also very easy to execute. They involve buying an equal number of Calls and Puts with the same strike price and expiry date- essentially betting on whether there will be any movement in stock prices before then. It recoups in full any upfront option premium income when open, but it doesn't provide much downside protection or profit potential compared to other strategies.

The maximum upside profit comes through at expiration when the underlying security pays out if it finishes over strike A by more than strike B by more than debit taken on opening trade/spread.

The bull call spread

A moderately bullish options trading strategy that involves buying a call option and selling another with similar strike prices but earlier expiration date is called "bull call spreads."

The short iron butterfly

A short iron butterfly is a strategy that involves selling the same amount of options that has similar expiration dates but different strike prices. You can generate more profit from falling markets by generating leverage when your portfolio starts losing value (making it easier for you if shares start going up).

The long straddle

The long straddle is a neutral-to-bearish options trading strategy that involves buying an equal number of calls and put options with similar strike prices and expiration dates. It recoups in full any upfront option premium income when open, but it doesn't provide much downside protection or profit potential compared to other strategies.

The long iron butterfly

The long iron butterfly is a moderately bullish options trading strategy that involves buying the same amount of call and put options with the same expiration date but different strike prices.

The calendar spread

It is a neutral options trading strategy that involves buying a longer-term option and selling a shorter-term option with the same strike price and expiration date.

It recoups in full any upfront option premium income when open, but it doesn't provide much downside protection or profit potential compared to other strategies.

The short straddle

The short straddle is a neutral-to-bearish options trading strategy that involves selling an equal number of call and put options with corresponding strike price and expiration date. It recoups in full any upfront option premium income when open, but it doesn't provide much downside protection or profit potential compared to other strategies.

The short strangle

The short strangle is a moderately bearish options trading strategy involving selling a call with similar expiration dates but different strike prices. It recoups in full any upfront option premium income when open, but it doesn't provide much downside protection or profit potential compared to other strategies.

The long condor

The long condor is a moderately bullish options trading strategy involving buying a call with corresponding expiration dates but different strike prices. It recoups in full any upfront option premium income when open, but it doesn't provide much downside protection or profit potential compared to other strategies.

The long butterfly

The long butterfly is a moderately bullish options trading strategy involving buying a call and put with matching expiration dates and different strike prices but with the same premium. It profits if the underlying security finishes within a specific range at any price, making it a versatile choice that doesn't require much directional speculation.

The long straddle

The long straddle is a moderately bullish options trading strategy involving buying a call and put with similar expiration dates and strike price. It profits if the underlying security finishes within a specific range at any price, making it a versatile choice that doesn't require much directional speculation.

Get more info about options trading strategies here!

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You Don’t Need Too Many Clothes in Your Closet

It’s easy to feel jealous when you see top models wearing the latest fashion trends. You will feel enticed to buy something even if you don’t need it. Before you know it, your closet already has tons of unused clothes. The point is that you should only buy what you need. It’s unnecessary to own pieces of clothing you rarely use. 

Don’t fall for trends

You might want to buy trendy clothes because they look great in pictures. The truth is they might not look the same when you wear them. Comfort should be the priority when selecting the best clothes to wear and not trends. Besides, trends change all the time. You will regret investing in something that won’t be popular anymore after a few weeks. 

Look at your closet

Check your closet and see if there’s sufficient space for new clothes. If it’s full, there’s no need for more. You might own clothes that you no longer use. They get buried underneath the same clothes you always wear. The best thing to do is to organize your closet. After you finish it, you will realize you don’t need to buy new clothes. If not, consider investing in bespoke wardrobes. With a huge customized closet, you won’t have a problem organizing your things. The best part is you can determine the details. Design the furniture based on your needs. If you want to have more panels and drawers, it’s your choice.

Consider quality brands

It’s not about the number of clothes you own. If you buy quality clothing, it will last a long time. Invest in the right brand, and you won't consider buying new clothes all the time. Even if you only have a few pieces, they're good enough.

Don’t mind what people say 

You also consider buying new clothes because you worry about what people say. You don’t want them to comment about your fashion choices. If you repeat clothes, they might think you can’t afford to buy new pieces. The truth is that you’re paying too much attention to what they say. It’s time to forget their words and focus on what makes you happy. If you already feel satisfied with what you own, buying new clothes is unnecessary. 

Buy new clothes only when you need it 

It doesn’t mean you can’t buy clothes anymore. If you need one, it’s time to shop. If you accomplished a milestone, you also deserve new clothes. Consider shopping if it’s a need and not a want. You also have other expenses to think about. Splurging everything on new clothes isn’t healthy anymore. 

Another idea is to wait for possible promotions. Perhaps, the clothes you wish to buy will soon be available at a discounted price. If you wait for a while, you won’t spend too much to own it. Go online if you want affordable but quality pieces of clothing. You can even avail of vouchers to reduce the price further. 

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Digital Marketing Dos and Don’ts For 2021 There’s no doubt that many business owners had a tough time in 2020. But as we prepare to embrace post-pandemic life, it may be time to start ramping up your marketing efforts.

While traditional marketing still has its place, this recent global health crisis made us rely on technology more than ever. As such, you’ll want to bolster your digital marketing strategy in 2021. Here are just a few dos and don’ts you’ll want to keep in mind as you develop that strategy.


  • Improve Your Visitor Experience: The experience your site provides for web users is crucial. Both search engines and human visitors want to interact with sites that are fast, secure, responsive, and easy to navigate. Google’s Page Experience algorithm update will even further prioritize the need for UX. Now’s the time to make certain that your site is mobile-friendly, that it loads quickly, and that it provides no frustrations or barriers for visitors. Ultimately, this can improve your ability to rank and increase your conversion rates.

  • Optimize With Local Keywords: If you run a small business, you’re probably looking for ways to level the SEO playing field. Utilizing local keywords continues to be a way for small businesses to stand out online. Instead of targeting overly broad search terms, perform keyword research with local SEO in mind. Pick longer keywords that more accurately capture your service area and the services or products your audience is looking for. This will make it more likely for you to show up in search results -- especially if you claim and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) page!

  • Keep Creating Quality Content: Content, as they say, is still king. By consistently publishing fresh content to your site, you’ll have more opportunities to showcase your relevance and value to Google. This, in turn, can help you bring in more web traffic. Remember that this content should be more educational than promotional; while the occasional press release or product spotlight is fine, your main goal is to provide solutions to readers. Remember to cross-promote and repurpose this content for your other marketing efforts, like social media and link-building.


  • Forget About Social Media: You may not love using social media platforms yourself, but your customers probably do. Social media use skyrocketed during the pandemic. In fact, Hootsuite reports that social media platforms gained 490 million users in 2020 alone. If your business isn’t active on social media, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities. You don’t necessarily need to concentrate equally on every platform (especially if your target customers aren’t active on Snapchat or Tiktok), but you should post consistently and connect with your customers on a regular basis.

  • Neglect Your Online Reviews: Online reviews are just as valuable as personal recommendations for most consumers. If your business doesn’t have any reviews, it’ll be a lot harder for customers to trust your brand. That’s why you should include reputation management as part of your digital marketing strategy. If you want to generate online reviews, remember to ask customers to leave their feedback and let them know how much their support means to your business. When you receive a review, make sure to respond promptly and with empathy. Even if the review is negative, don’t panic! Treat this as an opportunity to showcase your customer service skills and let readers know how much you care.

  • Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: Diversification is the name of the game -- and not just when building a stock portfolio. Having a diverse digital marketing strategy is crucial because it allows all of your efforts to work together. Because SEO and paid ads work differently (one is best for long-term results, while the other is more suited for short-term traffic boosts), they’re strongest when they’re used in tandem. Diversification can also ensure you’ll have a healthy lead funnel even if issues arise with one marketing channel. Because online trends evolve so quickly, having a diversified strategy will give you the best chance of success.

When you run your own business, you might be overwhelmed with marketing possibilities. Knowing which tactics to use (and which to avoid) can help you craft a more effective strategy and pave the way for long-term success. By keeping these dos and don’ts in mind, you’ll be in a better position to promote your business in 2021 and beyond.

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Financial Planning Tips for 2021 There's a lot going on in the world. Pandemics, political changes, economic shifts, and other major transformations already in place for the 2020's mean it's essential to get your personal finances in order. There's no need to panic, but there is a need to polish skills, take a second look at the family budget, and find a few new ways of generating extra income. Whether you're single, sharing a household with one other person, or part of a large family, the following suggestions could bring peace of mind for the upcoming decade and what is shaping up to be a volatile year, 2021.

Make Saving a Habit

If you're already a regular saver, congratulations. If not, today is the time to begin. Unfortunately, too many people resist planned saving because they assume it's going to be painful. The point, however, is not how much you save but just saving on a regular basis. Take a long, honest look at your budget and see what a reasonable amount might be. How much could you easily add to savings per month without noticing? The amount is not what it's about, but making the act a habit is the initial goal. Then, later on, perhaps a year or two down the road, you can start focusing on the amount and setting specific monetary targets.

Learn About Online CFD Trading

One of the fastest and most profitable paths for anyone who wants to learn and earn at the same time is with CFD trading. Learning how to buy and sell CFDs, contracts-for-difference, online is a skill that can boost your personal bottom line. All you need to do is open a brokerage account, decide what asset you think will go up or down, study materials offered on the site, and get started. You can trade CFDs on anything from currencies, to stocks, commodities and even cryptocurrencies. The advantage of CFD trading is that you can be up and running in a very short time span, choose your favorite instrument, and not have to worry about high start-up costs.

CFDs are actually derivatives of the underlying asset whose price it tracks. With a CFD you can purchase as small an amount as you want, and all you need to do to make a profit is correctly predict the direction of the price move, up or down. Those who trade CFDs can pick and choose their market, how much they want to risk, and can even make money when prices go down, as long as they've predicted a downward trend.

Creating a Side Hustle to Earn Extra Income

Side hustles are probably the most popular way to boost your personal bottom line. What are they? Basically, it's any method you come up with to bring in a few extra dollars. Most people who create a side hustle still have traditional 9-to-5 jobs. However, they prefer to make the most of their free time by working extra hours, several days per week. What are the most financially rewarding side gigs? These micro-jobs include things like re-selling items you buy at thrift stores such as baby clothing, writing and selling short how-to digital books, and working as a personal shopper a few hours per week for local residents.

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The Ultimate Guide to Whisky Whisky, or the water of life, as our Gaelic ancestors referred to it, has been around for hundreds of years. The distillation process that creates whisky is hard to pinpoint; from Arabs using it to make perfume to Christian monks. Farmers in the Scottish Highlands were also known to distil spirits from their surplus barley in the 1400s.

In the years since whisky has become synonymous with Scotland, but they’re not all the same. Whisky is now made in countries as diverse as Ireland, Australia, India, Taiwan and the USA. As such there are multiple different types of whisky, all with their own characteristics, taste and smell (and in some cases, names!).

Most people will use the term ‘Scotch’ and ‘whisky’ interchangeably, but that’s not strictly speaking accurate. To be ‘Scotch’, it needs to be produced and matured in Scotland, in one of the official whisky-producing regions. Depending on who you speak to, there are either 4, 5 or 6 regions. The whisky also has to be aged there for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels. It’s also distilled twice and as such, it then falls into several different classifications.

Single Malt

A whisky that is made from 100% malted barley and produced at a single distillery.

Single Grain

Like single malt, it’s made at a single distillery, but also incorporates additional grains beyond the barley. This is quite a rare commodity on its own since it’s more often used in blends (see below).

Blended Malt

As the name suggests, blended malt whisky is a blend of two (or more) single malt whiskies that come from different distilleries.

Blended Grain 

Again, this incorporates a mix of two or more single grain whiskies from different distilleries.

Blended Scotch

This is the most common Scotch sold and is a blend of one or more single malts blended with one or more single grains.

Like anything, the price of whisky varies depending on the quality of the drink itself. You can get budget and mid-range drinks, right through to premium whisky. You’ll pay a different price, as you would expect.

There are a number of specific characteristics that help decide the price. These can include the age of the drink, the type of whisky it is (see above), the name of the distillery where it was made and its alcohol content. It can also be determined by the brand of whisky and the country of origin. You can expect to pay anything from around £10 for a budget bottle and anywhere up to £600,000 for a 6-litre bottle of The Macallan M. In fact, a bottle of 60-year-old Macallan whisky became the world’s most expensive bottle when it sold at auction for US$1.9 million in 2019.

Around the world, as we alluded to earlier, whisky is known by a number of different names including bourbon, rye whiskey and of course scotch. Sometimes you’ll also see it spelt with an ’e’ before they, other times not.

Whisky production is almost like an art form. The nuances, subtleties and craftsmanship that goes into every drop can be a daunting cavalcade of information for the uninitiated. To understand the differences and the whisky industry as a whole, the best place to go would be to invest some time and money in the Jim Murray Whisky Bible, the world’ leading whisky guide.

Produced every year, each edition contains over 4600 detailed tasting notes on both the most popular and many of the least well-known, but equally deserving brands. Jim is a full-time writer and an expert on whisky. He was the world’s first full-time whisky writer so knows his stuff. You may not reach Jim’s level of expertise, but you can benefit from his decades of experience and knowledge. 

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4 Best Grass Alternatives and Their Benefits Lawns are the prized jewel in many properties. Besides helping clean the air, traditional turfs serve as natural carpets for property landscapes. They also comprise most of the green space in both residential and commercial properties.

But these benefits come with certain costs. From fuel for mowers to fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation, turf grasses need a lot of things to stay healthy.

Fortunately, there are several substitutes that lawn care professionals in Springfield, Missouri recommend. Below are four of the best grass alternatives and the reasons why you should consider them for your yard:

1.   Ornamental Grasses

Believe it or not, there many other kinds of grass you can use in your landscape than traditional turf grasses. In fact, one of the best ways to reduce your lawn space (and accompanying costs) is to transform a portion into an ornamental grass display.

As drought-resistant lawn alternatives, ornamental grasses need much lower maintenance than lawn grass. They also thrive in almost any soil and require very little fertilizing (if at all). They are also resistant to both pests and diseases, which is equivalent to lower costs.

Besides these, you can also tuck away your old lawn mower with these grasses because they don’t need tending the same way as traditional turf grass. They look their best when they grow into distinctive shapes, such as sprays, tufts, and shimmering sweeps. The best part is that they can hold their shape and remain upright and appealing even in the winter.

You also don’t need to worry so much about keeping them within a specific area as they don’t spread horizontally as traditional grasses do. Plus, most ornamental grasses grow in clumps, which means they don’t spread through rhizomes and rely on seeds for reproduction.

2.   Groundcovers

If you want a grass alternative that actually spreads throughout the lawn, groundcovers are perfect for you.

Unlike ornamental grasses, this type of plant sprawls throughout the soil without growing very tall so that you can use them as replacements for turf grass for your lawn. Plus, this category includes low maintenance plants that smother weeds and fill in gaps in pathways.

Of course, certain groundcover fares better than others, depending on your landscape’s climate and layout.

For sunny and bright areas, you can choose among groundcovers like Japanese sweet flag, barberry cotoneaster, creeping jenny, and Asian star jasmine. Creeping herbs like oregano and thyme also work. You can also pick drought-tolerant stonecrop succulents or lantana, especially if you live in a place with a dry climate.

Meanwhile, perennial groundcovers like lily-of-the-valley and sweet woodruff can thrive and grow into thick canopies of flowers and leaves in shady areas. These shade-loving plants only need very low moisture, helping you save on water bills.

Below are some more groundcovers you can try for your landscape:


If you’re after ease of maintenance in your lawn, clover is an excellent choice for you.

Apart from having the same lush greenery as traditional turf grass, clovers also offer other eco-friendly benefits. It is used to fix nitrogen issues in the soil, suppresses weeds, and promotes aeration, not to mention enriches the earth.

After planting, clovers need to be watered twice a day. You can cut back on the watering as they require little to no watering once they’re settled. Clovers also provide green groundcover all-year-round and won’t require mowing or fertilization.

You can use several kinds of clover, but Dutch white varieties are the most popular choice for lawns. If you want a wild pasture look, you can opt for red and yellow blossom varieties that grow up to three feet and add a pop of color to the landscape.

Creeping Charlie

Although it is thought of as one of the most frustrating weeds, creeping Charlie can serve as an excellent grass alternative to add a living green carpet into your yard.

While it does spread like crazy, this mint family member with rounded leaves and tiny blossoms is a low-maintenance groundcover that thrives in partially shady parts of a landscape. You can simply plant it in a bed, leave it alone, and watch it thrive. It also gives off a lovely minty smell all over the property.

The best part is that it can handle a good amount of foot traffic and activity from children and pets. Because of this, it is deemed as hardy as traditional turf grass.

3.   Moss

Another easy and low maintenance turf grass alternative is moss. From planting to care and maintenance, everything about a moss bed is effortless. When placed in a shady spot, moss doesn’t even need to be watered.

Like groundcover and ornamental grasses, moss doesn’t need mowing. This is because it stays quite low throughout its lifespan and only grows to about one inch tall, depending on the species.

Moss is also quite hardy and can retain its shape with occasional foot traffic. It also needs little to no watering at all. What is quite unique about it is the visual interest it provides, making it a favored alternative by landscaping professionals in Springfield, Missouri.

4.   Flower Beds

Flowers provide more than enough beauty to a landscape that you won’t even notice the absence of grass. While it may not be the first choice in replacing a grassy lawn, they do reduce the amount of space that needs to be covered with grass.

To create a wonderful flower bed, pick out perennials that are native to your area. This way, you’ll spend less on their fertilization and maintenance since native plants are already well-adapted to the area.

When designing a flower bed, it’s best to keep it simple by choosing a few varieties. This way, you can reduce the number of individual plants with different needs you need to keep track of.

Flower beds are great for adding a pop of color to a green space. You can even add a bit more texture and height to your landscape with taller plants.

It is also an excellent solution for sloped and other areas that your mower cannot reach. Simply plant flowering plants in these small spaces or create terraced beds, and you’ll find the area covered in no time.

Beautify Your Green Space

Grasses are the most common choice for lawns because they are hardy and easy to care for. Still, this doesn’t mean grasses are your only option for creating a lovely landscape. Try the alternatives listed in this article for a more beautiful green space.

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How Often Does Water Damage Lead To Bigger Issues? As a homeowner, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day aspects of maintenance. There will be some tasks that you can easily carry on your own while others will require that you’re getting in touch with an expert. A good example is mold remediation. It could take as little as a day for mold to start appearing in your home after the water damage. Given the complexities involved with the mold inspection and testing in Chicago, it is important that you’re getting in touch with an expert as soon as possible.

Water damage, if left unattended, could lead to bigger issues such as the presence of mold. When you’ve recently experienced water damage, it is not only the damage to property you should be worried about but also your health. That is why water assessment is valuable. If you’re doing the inspection on your own, you’re likely to leave out some important assessments that could be crucial for the remediation process. One of the biggest issues that you’re going to face because of water damage is the presence of mold in your home. Here are some of the things you’ll need to be aware of:

How Dangerous Mold Could Be?

Even though there are some species of mold that are actually useful, the majority of them are unhealthy and you wouldn’t want any of them near your home. The good thing is that they’re remediated in the same way and you’ll not have to worry about paying more for some specific mold remediation.

Moisture is the Biggest Culprit

There can never be mold without the presence of moisture. The humidity levels should never be more than 60% in a home or commercial building. In order to be in control over the presence in your home, it is imperative that you’re taking care of the moisture. You shouldn’t wait for more than a day before you can start looking for a solution as you could be facing untold damages because of the presence of moisture.

More Than Killing

Mold shouldn’t only be killed but completely remediated. That is why attempting the whole process on your own is never a good idea. The surface should completely be scrubbed and the moisture problem taken care of.

Repairs Can Be Expensive

The presence of mold in a building could point out to bigger problems. It could be leaks, poor drainage, or even a problem with the foundation of the building. The presence of mold will only be a small issue to deal with. Making the repairs should be a priority as you’re likely to experience recurring problems with mold if the moisture is not addressed.

Avoiding Moisture Inspection Scam

When searching for a water damage restoration service, you’d want to work with a provider that will take care of the problem once and for all. There are a lot of scammers out there and it is crucial that you’re separating the grain from the chaff. It should be noted that there are no government regulations when it comes to licensing for mold inspectors. That doesn’t mean that the person you intend to hire should lack a license. It is recommended that you’re looking for a provider that is licensed as a general contractor.

In most instances, you’ll get what you pay for. That is why you should never go with the contractor with the cheapest quote. Such a mold remediation contractor could be having something to hide and you’ll not want to find out the hard way. Ideally, you should be willing to pay for inspection and remediation separately so that you’re aware of what exactly it is that you’re getting.

Focus on the Problem

Mold could be anywhere and if you don’t find the source of the problem then you’re likely to experience recurring issues. Moisture assessment will be more effective than air sampling when it comes to a mold inspection.

Observe Inspection

It is important that you’re present during the inspection, especially if you’re unsure of the experience and reliability of the company. There are companies that are known to turn up the heat to scare building owners.


The U.S Environmental Protection Agency highly recommends taking a common-sense approach when it comes to dealing with mold inspection and remediation. There is no need to pay money for inspections when you can visibly see them. The focus should be on the remediation. Make sure that the contractor that you intend to hire is experienced and can be trusted to do a good job with the remediation.

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Serli & Siroan: The Best Handmade Jewellers If high-quality jewelry at affordable prices is a practice- then the serli & siroan jewellery stores are its practitioners.


Serli & Siroan is undoubtedly one of the largest independent jewelry store chains in Canada. With over 100,00 pieces that are available at double the styles, the serli & siroan jewellery stores sell a versatile collection of diamonds, gemstones, and other jewelry.

 Every showpiece at serli & siroan is intricately customized so that you will undoubtedly find your perfect match at the end of the night.

With incredibly unique and distinguished designs, the serli & siroan jewellery stores cater to a variety of events and milestones so that the best moments of your life are marked with the best jewelry pieces.

To produce, such a professional level of jewelry, we use masterful and skilled professional jewelers. To stay authentic and genuine, serli & siroan have always been open to sharing about the handcrafting process.


It happens too often- you decide you want to get your beloved a gift and take a quick detour to the jewelry store. The next thing you know- you’re experiencing a sensory overload thanks to the hundreds of designs and options in front of you.

At the serli & siroan jewellery stores, we’re with you at every point of this experience. Serli & Siroan gladly offer help to anyone who needs it. From digging up information about gemstones to showing you the most popular designs, this jewelry store makes sure of it that buying jewelry is as simple of a process as possible.

Our consultation service exists whenever you need it to help you distinguish between different diamonds; elaborate on the creation processes, help you find the best designs, and answer all your burning questions.


Despite the long rows of diamonds and other gems, you- yes, you- are our most priceless possession at serli & siroan. When it comes to designing jewelry, serli & siroan takes the customers’ needs very seriously and strives to meet their expectations.

Where a lot of jewelry stores have passed the point of handmade jewelry, serli & siroan makes use of engagement ring craftsmen to help bring your vision to life. Besides, every designer is open to direct interaction with the customer.

This way, the entire crafting process is completely visible up until the result is in your hands. So- don’t be a stranger.

Other important services provided at Serli & Siroan include:


Since heirloom jewelry has often taken a long and tedious journey down your family tree- and is quite possibly roughed up because of the years, Serli & Siroan is happy to step in and help in bringing back its quality.

Many such heirlooms are taken up as projects and tested to see how well they can be restored to the perfect condition. The restoration process is carried out through replacement, resizing, repairs, and more.


Have you ever looked at a particular piece of jeweller- maybe a necklace or a ring- and realized you’re tired and bored of seeing the same design every day.

If change is what you’re looking for- serli & siroan are your best bets. The store offers its customers a service by which they convert old jewelry pieces into a new and unrecognizable piece- so there’s never a dull moment in your life.

The process itself is very carefully undertaken by the best craftsmen. Every gem is reset, and every metal is merged under their supervision so that the outcome is perfection in every sort of way.


After you’ve successfully chosen, crafted, and bought a piece of jewelry, the serli & siroan jewellery stores end the purchase with a glamorous finishing touch.

The serli & siroan gift box is insanely popular for its look. The gift box is drowned in an exquisite and royal burgundy ribbon that gives your jewelry the extra special flair that it needs.

With a serli & siroan piece in your hands, you’ll be wooing your partner into young love all over again! Check more jewellery facts by Britannica here!

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Mysteries solved with Discreet Investigations Looking for your next evidence in solving the biggest mystery murder? One of the best Investigation firms that have stood in the limelight for quite some time is none other than Discreet International. With a detailed analysis of all cases, this agency provides the best solution to all its clients, in all areas of crime study. Its inquiry level is outstanding, with support from the best team at hand. The disposal of work is flexible, which further adds clarity in all basic investigation scenes, thereby making the inquiry easier. Hence, Discreet Investigations masters the art of sensitive research, ensuring full-time quality service.

Features that make the agency unique:

For any crime scene, the evidence is the biggest factor that makes investigations easier and simple. Therefore, to optimize further results, Discreet Investigation is 100% authorized to handle high-risk cases, with the promise to tackle the enemy from the front. Victims are fully honored and respected and necessary actions are taken. Further, the team of private investigators from the agency is hired for internal affairs too.

The best part about Discreet International is its superiority in handling sensitive information. Cases are undertaken, as per their priority. Whether it is a private affair or a public one, a call to the expert agents can completely change your lives.

Services that the agency is known for:

Apart from crime investigation, Discreet Investigation focuses on other areas of service too. These are as follows:

  • Premarital affairs-

Are you confused that your partner is cheating on you? Do you feel unsafe around him or her? Well, let the experts handle the case for you. By appointing investigators, possible solutions to premarital, as well as post-marital affairs are brought to limelight.

  • Cheating partners-

If you believe that your partner is cheating on you and even causing violence, the investigators find the right way to find the real answer. They even provide you with enough evidence, so as to help you live your life again. To avoid stress, the agents use the best tools, so as to solve the case as fast as possible.

  • Divorce issues-

Matters related to divorce can be complex. If you are eager to find out what suddenly caused the divorce, the concerns are immediately prioritized by the investigating agents. They can click pictures of your spouse, capture recordings, and unknown individuals, who might be interlinked to the case.

  • Surveillance-

For general surveillance on an individual, Discreet International offers the best solution, by resuming to older methods like tracking. All personal statements are recorded, in order to start the case with some evidence.

The final thought:

With more than ten years of professional experience, Discreet International is said to achieve higher standards of work ethics. It emphasizes on solving the case, no matter how complex it is. In addition to that, there are personal officers, military men, forensic experts available all the time, to further provide the necessary assistance. Hence, for tasks undertaken with the label of ‘Discreet investigation, you may receive an overwhelming experience always. Find the best detectives in Toronto here!

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Advantages of Indoor Artificial Plants Everyone wants to decorate their house with well maintained flower pots. These plants add beauty to your home decor and impress all your guests. They are the perfect ornaments which you adore. Urban population is catching up to this trend. There are many people who take time out and put lot of effort in maintaining the in house plants. However the effort of taking care of the plants always increases with time. Hence there are lots of fake or artificial plants which are taking the place of the original ones.

Different Benefits of Indoor Plants

Artificial plants from the Artificial Plant Shop website have a complete aesthetic look and are most of the times confused with real ones. They look beautiful and do not require much maintenance. So in short these plants have replaced the originals because they are easy to take care of and give you the same feel like the ones in the garden.

  • Durability and Greenery:  Seasonal changes do not affect the faux plants. Natural plants and trees shed flowers and leaves which needs to be cleaned in a timely manner otherwise they mat rot. However the artificial plants have the same look forever. You just need to dust and clean it with some soap water and it looks the same again.
  • Low Maintenance: Natural plants need manure, soil, water and trimming of the plants. However the faux plants do not need to be watered or trimmed. Hence it is a best choice for people who have scarcity of water in the locality because it does not compromise on the plants look and yet does not need to be watered. Also there are many exotic plants which are really very expensive and need a lot of care. Artificial plants give you the same look which is a very economic option for people who want to decorate their home with exotic plants but have a tight budget.
  • Safe Option: Natural plants no doubt are the best source of fresh air and improve the air quality around you. However there are several side effects as well such as dirt near the flower pots, allergic reactions & it does attract lot of insects and pests. However artificial plants do not have such problems. It does not even require regular cleaning and has a hygienic condition for your home. You should always consider the artificial plants if you have small children and pets at home, as the natural ones can be toxic to them. Plants such as Lilies, Aloe-Vera & Cactus when eaten are toxic especially for pets as they tend to chew on anything they find.
  • Accommodating an Indoor Artificial Plant: The artificial plants can be placed anywhere in your house. You do not have to worry about adjusting your couch so that it can fit near the windows unlike the natural plants. You can choose the plants of any height and place it anywhere without worrying if it is going to get proper sunlight to survive or not. In a way, this saves you a lot of time and effort in having to choose proper places for your plant.
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Working in Confined Spaces

One of the most dangerous situations you could be in is when you get stuck while you are working in a confined space. There are a lot of industries across the country, which requires workers to go through confined spaces, and every year, a lot of these people face the risk of serious injuries or even death. In fact, in the United Kingdom, workplace incidents relating to confined spaces have become rampant that specific regulations and standards were put in place to avoid unwanted accidents, especially in construction sites and rescue missions. As an example, in 2006, a construction company was fined a whopping £40,000 because they failed to meet safety regulations and standards when they got inspected by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Another incident in Swansea also resulted in the death of a worker employed by a self-employed contractor because of a trench collapsing on him. The HSE, later on, found out that the workers had no training and knowledge about how to safely work within confined spaces and the lack of planning resulted in the collapse of the trench, putting the contractor behind bars for 6 months. Whether you are a business owner, contractor, or even an employee who works in confined spaces a lot of times throughout the year, getting the proper confined space training is highly necessary and crucial for not only your safety but as well as the people around you.

Confined Space by Definition

Under the regulations, by definition, a confined space is “any place, including any chamber, tank, vat, silo, pit, trench, pipe, sewer, flue, well, or other similar space in which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, there arises a reasonably foreseeable specified risk”. Confined spaces like sewers or tanks closed for chemical storage are easily identifiable as a confined space, but there are those which are hard to classify such as those of silos, vats, or ships’ holds because they do not necessarily have enclosed sides or tops, or they are not necessarily small for a person to be in, or it may not have a difficult design to work in and out from. So in order for you to identify a space as a confined working space, you do not necessarily have to consider the actual space and its nature or dimensions. What you need to consider mainly are the work activities you are planning to do within that space. Once you can figure that out and nail it down, you would be able to lock in work safety measures and precautions for you and your workers to avoid untoward incidents and also to avoid paying for fines or getting some jail time. 

Confined Spaces Regulations

Laws state that employers should be able to ensure the safety of their employees. Their responsibility to do so is actually reinforced by certain regulations, such as for workers exposed to confined spaces, there is the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. This certain regulation applies so that the risks of getting seriously injured or accidents resulting in death from working in confined spaces are avoided. Under the regulations, it is highly encouraged for workers to actually avoid the entry into confined spaces by looking for alternative solutions such as working from the outside. However, for certain cases, it is actually unavoidable, and the need to work in the confined space is a must. In such cases, a safe system of work should be in place before having the worker enter the space. Most importantly, there should also be emergency arrangements in place should anything go wrong.

Confined Space Training

In order for you to be fully compliant to regulations and standards placed for confined space work, you should be able to undergo and let your workers undergo a training course designed specifically for working in confined spaces. Mark One Training has a one day low/medium risk confined space training which features a whole course on the theories relating to working in confined spaces and how to apply it through practical exercises. They have two training centres in the United Kingdom, one in Chelmsford, Essex and the other in Rochford, Essex. Their training centres are fully equipped with a purpose-built confined space training unit where delegates could experience the theories hands on. The training course they offer is perfect for businesses in the following industries: rail, construction, food production, agriculture, telecommunications, and asbestos removal. In short, for those working in industries that would require them to be in confined spaces such as chambers, trenches, pits, sewers, and the link. Their materials are in line with the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997, so you are guaranteed that all of the learning you and your workers would gain are up to date and safe for the workplace.

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What is a Mortgage Protection?

Also abbreviated as MPI, Mortgage Protection Insurance is a type of insurance product that works almost similar to other conventional policies, only that it is meant for a mortgage payment. Such that, it is created to help pay off a mortgage in the event of the death of the policyholder. 

Depending on how big your mortgage is, you buy a policy with enough protection for the loan, then pay premiums until the policy ends. The policy benefits are only paid out to the beneficiary when you die during the term. 

What’s Unique About Mortgage Protection?

While mortgage protection works similarly to conventional insurance policies, there are a few differences that make MPI unique as shown below.  


For other insurance products, the beneficiary of the policy is usually chosen by the policyholder and oftentimes is usually their loved one. With mortgage protection, the beneficiary of the policy is usually the mortgage company or the lender. In this case, the death benefit is not paid out to the family of the policyholder if they die, instead, it goes into paying off the remaining mortgage balance. 

Decreasing Death Benefit

Another key difference in mortgage protection is that the death benefit decreases with time. After the first five years of the policy, the death benefit amount starts decreasing so as to match the mortgage balance. It only makes sense that way because the policy benefits are meant only for the mortgage payment. The decreasing aspect of the death benefits ensures that the mortgage company only receives what it requires for the remaining required balance. 

Fixed Term Lengths

With mortgage protection, the term lengths are not flexible, and they are not customizable. That means that you can not also choose whatever term length you desire since the policy will be locked depending on the term of the loan. So, if it is a 10-year mortgage, then the term length of the mortgage protection will be locked to 10 years. This term length might also be influenced by how old you are such that it cannot exceed a certain length if you fall under a certain age bracket. 

Types of Mortgage Protection

If you are looking to purchase mortgage protection insurance, then there are a couple of options to choose from. Below are the different types of mortgage protection to consider. 

Reducing Term Cover

As mentioned, one of the characteristics of mortgage protection is that it has a reducing term. This is usually offered as a form of mortgage protection cover, and as the name suggests the policy amount covered reduces to match the mortgage balance. When the mortgage is completely paid off, the policy ends. An advantage of the reducing term cover is that it is the cheapest of all the types of mortgage protection policies. 

Level Term Policy

Just like the name suggests, this policy has constant premium payments and coverage. So, unlike the reducing term cover, you get the same amount of coverage for the premiums you pay. When you die before the term of the policy ends, the initial coverage amount is paid off to cover the remaining mortgage amount while the rest of the policy benefits go to your estate. 

Serious Illness

Good health is not always guaranteed, the same way you can’t be sure of when you die. As such, some people opt to include a serious illness to their mortgage protection. So, when you choose protection with coverage for serious illness, the policy benefits will also be paid out if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. However, this serious illness should be covered by the policy, and on the downside, this type of policy is usually expensive. Note that this does not mean that the policy doesn’t payout when you die before the end of the term because it does.  

Life Insurance Policy

Instead of purchasing a mortgage policy, you can instead use your life insurance policy, if you already have one. But you cannot use your existing life insurance policy if it has not been assigned to cover another mortgage or loan. Also, it might not work if your existing life insurance policy does not provide enough coverage. When you use your life insurance policy, the remaining benefits will still go to your beneficiaries, as long as the mortgage has been fully paid.

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Buying Guide - Top Fishing Heaters for Ice Fishing

Fishing is one activity that offers a very wide variety of options. Each of these options offers unique challenges as well as excitement. We will not be looking at all the different styles and types of fishing in this article. If you want to know more about different fishing styles and options, you can read this article here.

Our focus in this article will be ice fishing and how to overcome a particular challenge it presents. Ice fishing basically refers to the type of fishing done in frozen bodies of water. Usually, a hole is cut in the solid ice over a body of water and a hook let down to snag the fishes under. You can already tell that it is full of excitement as well as challenges.

One of the major challenges, and the one we will be focusing on is the issue of that those fishing have to face. Many times faced with sub-zero temperatures, participants in an exciting fishing expedition find themselves regretting their adventure as a result of the cold.

One way that this is combated is with the use of fishing heaters.

What is a Fishing Heater?

A fishing heater is simply a portable heater that you can take with you to provide warmth as you sit beside your fishing hole. It is usually designed to be able to keep a small space warm. Therefore the right one will provide adequate warmth in your tent, making your ice fishing experience a lot more comfortable.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for One

When you set out to shop for your fishing heater, there are a number of factors you should consider to ensure you make the right choice. Considering these factors is a must if you will purchase one that will serve you really well.

Let’s now discuss some of these factors.


The size of the heater you choose is of paramount importance. Which size will be ideal for you will depend on your unique circumstance? If you are carrying out your activity in a makeshift tent, you will most definitely require something very portable that you can easily carry around with you.

If on the other hand you have something like a fixed shanty that you visit regularly for this activity, then having something larger and with more power may be ideal for you. You should therefore ensure you know exactly under what conditions you will be carrying out your fishing activity.

Power Source

This is a critical point to consider. The most common products use propane gas which can either be in refillable tanks, disposable cylinders or even small canisters. Other options you may find will include smaller ones that use butane canisters, older types that use kerosene and those that use electricity.

The simple truth is that propane powered heaters are the most common and for good reason too. They are easier to use and the propane gas can be easily sourced.

Another to consider under power source is the length of time you will require the heat for. The longer you will require the heat, the larger the power source you will require.

Heating Output

This is where you look at how much heat you need. You MUST be sure to determine this before making a decision. A few things that can determine how much heat will be suitable include the following:

  • The number of persons that will be in your party and therefore require heating.
  • The type of space to be heated. An open space will require more heat than an enclosed space. The type of tent (if you are using a tent) can also influence the amount of heat that will be adequate. Still on the issue of space, how sealed or open your tent or shanty is will also determine how much heat will be sufficient.

Always check for the products heating capacity and this is given in BTUs. The more the value, the more heat it will be capable of delivering.

Safety Features

Safety is something that you MUST take seriously. There are a few things that can go wrong in this kind of fishing expedition. It is therefore your duty to ensure that you do everything within your power to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Here are a few safety features that will come in very handy:

Oxygen Depletion Sensor – While you are encouraged to ensure adequate ventilation especially when using gas or fuel powered heaters, having this sensor is important. As the heater uses up the oxygen in the space, it will produce carbon monoxide which can become harmful when they build up to certain levels. The sensor’s job is to begin to alert you when the level of oxygen is dropping to dangerous levels. This will tell you to ventilate your space to remove the accumulated carbon monoxide.

Tip-Over Shut Off – It’s possible for your heater to tip over. Should this happen, you could have a fire disaster on your hands. The auto tip-over shut off feature will automatically shut off the gas supply and fire, ensuring that there can be no fire spread. This most certainly is a very important feature.


We put this as the last factor to consider on purpose. When you are looking for the best ice fishing heater you shouldn’t be looking at cost as your first consideration. You should only consider cost after looking at the other important factors. Once you know what your minimum requirements are, you can then compare products that offer these features to know which offers the best balance of value and cost.


Finding the right heater is important when you are going on an outdoor expedition in cold weather. The cold can easily turn something that should have been an exciting time into a teeth chattering, uncomfortable and even dangerous time.

Thankfully, with the information we have provided above, you should now be able to carefully search for and pick out the heater that will be perfect for that next ice fishing expedition. Ensure that nothing disturbs your wonderful time out. Get the right heater and have loads of fun and hopefully plenty of fishes.

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Valuable Tips for Shooting a Pre-Wedding Love Story

Every couple has their own love story to share, and a wedding day is a perfect moment to do so. A pre-wedding love story is a film that captures the most romantic, funniest and key moments of the couple’s relationships. Some people want to have a love story film for their own use, but most of them aim to show this film during their upcoming wedding reception. Below we provide you with some valuable tips on how to shoot and create a perfect love story of your couple:

Be Yourself

It seems easy, but for many introverted personalities, the main challenge is being able to relax on camera. To make your video session more comfortable, it’s good to choose a familiar videographer or, at least, meet or communicate with this person several times before the shooting day. In order to reflect true emotions and maintain a relaxing atmosphere, a professional videographer should get to know your couple better. Read interesting tips on how videographers make shy couples feel more relaxed

Choose What to Dress

You don’t have to break your neck trying to find a special cloth for your love story. In general, most people feel comfortable in their casual cloth. If you have some vision of your video session and need fancy cloth, let’s go for it, but remember that dressing up is not the key.

Pick the Location

If you have an engagement or meet each other in a special place, you can make a video session there. However, in pre-wedding love stories, the place is not so important. What matters are you, your couple’s mood and sincere emotions. Choose the place where you feel most comfortable: home, park, favorite café or the streets of an old town.

Add Natural Elements

By natural elements we mean using the sun, wind, light, curious passersby, your dog, cat or rainy clouds. Professional videographers can make even bad weather work for you. These small details will add naturality to your session and make you feel more relaxed. The main aim of any love story is showing the connection between the beloved people. Natural elements can help tell your love story in the gentlest way.

Cut Away All Unnecessary Stuff

When you pack up things for your love story session, try to leave all odd stuff, like bags, purses, etc. at home. All extra things will make you distracted. The main focus of any love story is you and your future spouse. 

Discuss Your Preferences Upfront

If you have your own vision, ideas and want to break ordinary video session themes, feel free to discuss all these things with your videographer beforehand. In case you already have some raw footage video depicting the best moments of your relationships, you can pass it to outsourcing editing companies, like Wedcuts. They will create a quality love story film for you.


All love stories are unique. The most important thing for a professional videographer is to see the connection between people, capture the essence of the relationship and make the love story come alive. With this in mind, the pre-wedding video becomes a piece of art that is able to relive the most precious moments and bond the ties over the years.

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An Easy Guide on How to Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding internet privacy, especially now, when the Internet is playing an important role in our lives.

A while ago, we used to transform our PCs in temples of security by installing several security tools like antiviruses, encryption software, or network security monitoring tools.

As we got used to staying online more and more hours a day, we kinda forgot about our online privacy and stated to ignore the real threats that exist.

Mobile devices replaced the rusty PCs, and we cannot imagine a day without Wi-Fi, checking social media websites or accessing streaming services apps to entertain ourselves while waiting in an airport, or in the metro station.

How to protect yourself on public Wi-Fi?

Responsible internet users adapted and kept using online security tools to secure their devices, especially when connected to a public Wi-Fi network. So, if you're curious about how to enhance your online security, check this guide on what you need to do to protect yourself on public WiFi.

  • Use a VPN. The most popular security technology these days is, without a doubt, the VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a tool that represents the connection between you and a safe Internet. I hope that you're aware that behind the public unprotected Wi-Fi networks, there are lots of online dangers waiting for you. Therefore, if you read this article from your mobile device, without a VPN enabled, a mighty hacker might wait for you to make a wrong move. As the great part about VPNs is that they are easy to use, and you can start surfing securely right away. All you will need is just a VPN app and, of course, a VPN subscription. From that point on, you're just a few clicks away from online security and privacy. Another advantage? With your VPN, you will be able not only to protect yourself on public Wi-Fi, but you will also be able to bypass online restrictions. So, no matter if you'll be in Bali, or in Mexico, you will be able to access your BBC iPlayer account and enjoy your favorite shows. Last but not least, just like any other software, VPNs may have their own flaws. That's why you will need to test your VPN connection in sensitive situations, like the time when you connect to an unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Use antivirus software. Antiviruses will never get old as they are very effective at detecting and blocking malicious viruses from infiltrating into your system. If you already have antivirus software installed on your laptop, make sure is always up to date and it works properly.
  • Connect only to HTTPS websites. HTTPS is the secure version of the old HTTP protocols. The S in its name stands for „Secured”, and it's meant to let you know that this protocol uses encryption. This encryption layer assures you that the data that you transmit while accessing HTTPS websites is encrypted and (somehow) secured. Again, HTTPS does not mean absolute security, that's why antivirus and VPN are still required.
  • Try to avoid online shopping. I love online shopping, and I am sure you do as well. However, try to avoid online shopping while you're connected to a public Wi-Fi, and try to avoid adding in your bank account details, especially if you don't use encryption software like the VPN. As already mentioned, there might always be a hacker waiting for you to make a wrong move to steal your bank account information.
  • Check what you're about to sign-up for. Some websites welcome you with a frustrating number of pop-ups. Some of these pop-ups may display appealing deals or the invitation to sign-up for internesting newsletters. In all this time, you need to be aware that you're connected to a public Wi-Fi, so you need to be cautious where you add-in your e-mail or passwords. A moment of distraction can cause you real problems.
  • Disable AirDrops and File sharing options. Some of these pieces of advice may sound really stupid the small things make the big difference. Keep in mind that you're not at home, so you cannot control who uses the same network as you do, but you can control what your device is sharing and with who.
  • Don't leave your laptop or your smart phone unattended. Does this sound crazy to you? Well, it's actually now. A bad intented person may need just a few seconds to install a malicious software on your device. Such a software can help him constantly monitor you, it grants him access to all of your personal files, and it can also allow him see in plain text your credentials for all of your accounts.
  • Turn off the "Automatically connect to a Wi-Fi" option. There's no such thing as overly caring for your online privacy. Actualy, online privacy is as important as real-life privacy. You mobile device carries a lot of personal information about you, so making sure you're safe it's the right thing to do. Turning off certain options like the Automatically connect to a Wi-Fi one can keep you away from dangers.
  • Disconnect from the network as soon as you've finished your job. Finished checking the schedule for the museum, or looking for the closest Italian restaurant? Great, mission accomplished! Now disconnect from the public Wi-Fi and go out enjoy what the city you're visiting has to offer.

Know the rules and never break them!

Some rules are meant to be broken. But clearly not this guideline.

The Internet faced an impressive growth in the last years, hand in hand with the multitude of online malware. Being ignorant is clearly an option, but you will surely decide to start acting responsibly as soon as a hacker will steal your credit card details and, implicitly, all your savings.

You don't need expensive tools to fight for your online privacy. Actually, all the solutions are at your fingertips.

It's up to you if you will decide to remain ignorant, or if you will start taking your online activities at the next level.

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Let's Talk About Your Basement: Do's and Don'ts

When designing your house, you may consider a basement to act as a variety of spaces. You can have it as the parking lot, laundry area, office, or any other use. A basement no longer has to be that underground room for stashing unwanted stuff. It can be a functional room that will be an appropriate addition to your house.

The following do's and don'ts will help you have a functional basement.


Hire Experts

Find experts from a basement finishing firm to avoid delays and mistakes. The experts will help you in choosing the perfect designs for your needs. Check with several companies to know the kind of warrant they have and how long they have been in business.

For the electrical and plumbing work also get experts for the job. Unqualified personnel may be cheap but can cause you irreparable damage if things go wrong. For your peace of mind and to save on time and money, get licensed professionals.

Make it Attractive

For most people, the basement area is a dull room for stacking away unused things or a garage. However, you can design your basement into a state-of-the-art room with beautiful art collections. Paint the walls with inviting colors, preferably bright ones, to reflect light and give a feeling of warmth.

Incorporating your main house ideas in the design of the basement will make it more like it. Have it tastefully designed to suit your needs and make it a beautiful aboard. Hide unsightly spots by colorfully painting them. Have some throw pillows and rugs to add beauty in the room.

Choose the Right Flooring

Basement floors need to be ideal since the conditions inside do not allow for some floor types. When choosing the type of floor to use, consider the level of moisture content in your basement area. If the basement is susceptible to mildew and molds, choose materials resistant to them. The best types of flooring for basements are vinyl plank, rubber, carpet, and cement. Opt for flooring that is water-resistant, durable, and warm.

Know the Permit and Local Code Requirements

Visit your municipality to know the codes and permit requirements governing building projects. Having permits will save you from demolishing your house in case the authorities say it is against the rules. In the future, if you wish to sell the house, it will be easier as there will be no issues of a permit violation.  The finishing company you choose can help you with formalizing all of the requirements.

Install Sufficient Lighting

Natural light barely reaches the basement area, and it can lack altogether. When designing it ensure you include the lighting system to have enough lights in there. If some parts of the basements will be above the ground install more windows to let more natural light in.

To intensify the natural light, have carpets and furniture with bright colors. Paint the walls white and use colorful decors to make the room lively. LED lighting, fluorescent bulbs, and light-emitting diodes will offer sufficient lights. If you desire to have a gym or a wine cellar, these lights are the best as they have less heat.


Insulating the basement will help regulate the temperatures inside. It also adds a layer that controls the entrance of moisture. Insulation helps block noise from outside making it an ideal space for study or quiet moments. You can use spray foam insulation or one with a vapor barrier. Insulating your basement will also help keep the cold away and invite warmth inside.


One major concern in basements is the presence of moisture. Use basement finishing products to avoid damage from moisture. Moisture can cause paint peeling, molds, rust, ceiling, and wall discoloration. Take the waterproofing measures before construction to save on money and time from frequent renovations.

Use a vapor barrier to line the basement walls or get a basement dehumidifier to keep moisture at bay. When molds and mildew occur, treat instead of painting to avoid infections from them.

Run a Gas Test

Before the construction of the basement have experts run tests on the soil. The tests will rule out the presence of harmful gases like radon which causes lung cancer. Radon exists in soil and water and can easily go unnoticed if no tests are run. If it is available in levels that are dangerous before, starting the construction have experts remediate the ground.


Don’t Finish the Whole Basement

It is not a good idea to entirely finish your basement construction. Leave some space unfinished to allow for future modifications. You can also use the incomplete area to store seasonal tools and other items you do not use frequently.

Don’t Alter the Initial Plans

Once construction has begun, do not alter the plans. Take your time while planning and start the construction when you are ready and content with the plan. Ask the experts all the questions to clear any doubt and ensure the final look is according to your desires. Altering changes during construction can cause unnecessary delays and cost you a lot of money.

Don’t Overlook Minor Details

Pay attention to every detail from the art, lighting, and plumbing. You may assume since it is not visible, it does need much attention, but it does. You can experiment with the designs of your main house, and it can turn out to be your living area or a guest room.

Do Not Neglect Cleaning

Just like any other space, the basement will have dirt build-up. Avoid the temptation to neglect cleaning because it is out of sight. Declutter the room of all unnecessary stuff and make it habitable. Clean from top to bottom and choose some of the best cordless vacuums in the market for hard to clean dirt. Clean the carpets regularly and check for molds on walls and floors.

Do not limit yourself when constructing a basement. Explore all the possible ideas to come up with the best. Express your desires and those of your family members to make it fun to live in, even in the future. A basement is a sure way of adding space; make sure it's functional and safe. If you follow these tips keenly, your basement will become one of the best places to spend some time.

Resources - Fresh Home, Bob Villa, Think Tank Home

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Transgender Dating Sites - Date a Transgender Woman

Dating is something amazing if you are capable of maintaining a healthy relationship. Mutual trust and love are what keeps the relationship flowing. You are probably spotting a lot of couples in love around you. You are either annoyed by them, or you want the same thing as they have. It's only natural to want to feel loved. We see it all the time in movies and TV shows. But things don't go as smoothly and romantically as they do in films. You have to search for your special someone until you find them.

All of our lives are exposed online. We post pictures daily, share different types of experiences, and give our opinions through social media. Since technology is so advanced, then we can even find love online. It's quite easy, actually. We see someone on Instagram, develop a crush, and message them.

The same thing can happen if you log in on a dating site. At least people there are for a reason. You can never know via Instagram if someone is available. People create tons of accounts on dating sites just to find that love interest that they clearly search for.

If you happen to be attracted to a person from the third gender, then you might have some difficulty in finding them. This is because transgender people don’t seem to expose themselves that much. Also, their number is lower than other males and female.

So, if you want to find a transgender woman, then you need to give a chance to those dating sites. They are more helpful than you think, especially the ones that have the highest consistency of transgender individuals. With just a few clicks away, you are one step closer to finding your perfect date. Here are some of the things you should do if you want to find someone:

Create a profile

This will not take much of your time. Basically, you create an online profile so that people can find you more easily. You don't need to have just one, create several. This way, you can get a lot of matches and candidates eager to text you. How cool is that? If you are shy in real life, then you'll feel more comfortable behind a screen. But at some point, you have to face your date in real life. That's how you'll start a relationship. To find out some of the most popular dating sites, click here.

Fill it out

Write about everything that you love and dislike. This will only draw more candidates in. The point of having profiles is that people will have to browse through them. They certainly wouldn’t want to see an empty profile. They will skip on to the next one right away. Be as thorough as you wish. The more people find out new and exciting things about you, the better the opportunity to find what you are looking for.

Make sure that you fill out your profile with all the necessary information. Write about your traits, hobbies, achievements. These things will help you score points with potential candidates. People are attracted to those that are similar to them. Undoubtedly, several of those thousands of users will find you attractive as well.

Upload an appealing picture

Surely you have taken a lot of pictures. Pick the one you look best and upload it. You can upload several as well. The more pictures you have, the more people will find you attractive. First impressions are crucial. Click on the link to discover more details http://mentalfloss.com/article/59509/11-results-studies-about-online-dating.

If you browse through profiles and happen to stumble upon a beautiful transgender woman, then you will feel attracted to her. You can message several trans women at once and chat with them at the same time. If they happen to like what they see on your profile, then they will even contact you at first.

Chat and have fun

One of the ways to figure out how someone really thinks is to start a conversation with them. Keep the conversation entertaining and respectful. If you are chatting with a transgender woman, then make sure to avoid awkward questions.

If you've never been involved in a relationship with a transgender woman, then you might find it challenging at first. First of all, make sure that you ask usual everyday questions. Don't try to make her feel different. Also, her being a transgender person doesn't define her. It's just something that she had to do to feel satisfied and happy.

Ask her on a date

If things are getting serious, then maybe it's time to meet your date in real life. You can easily ask her and hope that she responds with a "yes." If you have been talking for a while now, then surely everything will go according to plan.

You can end up marrying this person for all you know. And you will always thank the dating site that brought the two of you together. Don't be shy about it. Confidence is sexy, and people see it as an attractive quality. That’s why when you ask her out on a date, make sure that you don’t take no for an answer.

Have a wonderful experience

The point of online dating is to meet new people and find out about their preferences and tastes. You can find on the sites people from different states, nationalities, sexual preferences, and genders. Anything you desire is on those online platforms. They bring all people together in their search for a potential soul mate. 

Just make sure to avoid any rude people that want to insult or offend you in some way, because there are those as well. You can always block or ignore them. A lot of people that meet online end up spending the rest of their lives together. This can happen to you, as well. Whatever your reason behind getting involved in the online dating world, it will surely be an enjoyable experience in the end. 

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