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5 Things to Consider When Designing Signs for your Car Park

There is no doubt that signs are an integral part of car park management. Having clear and concise signage in your car park is vital as it will enable you to keep drivers informed about any rules around parking. Having good signage will in most cases help make the parking experience better for motorists which in turn should increase revenue, reduce problems and prevent unauthorised parking. 

Now while that sounds straightforward, getting the signage just right can sometimes be difficult. You need to ensure you comply with all statutory requirements and that all rules and regulations are explained to drivers in a way that is clear and easy to understand. All parking signs displayed on private land in the UK are required to follow the code of practice laid down by an accredited trade association such as the British Parking Association. So, if you are planning to build a car park on your land or currently run a car park and are unsure about what signage you need here are some tips. 

Signs Must Be Clear and Transparent 

All your signs should be both clear and straight to the point, and include all the fundamental issues in the most effective way possible. It is highly likely that this information will need to be displayed in a small area. If the restrictions in your car park differ during the day you need to highlight that. It is vital that you include all your opening times and charges for parking on your parking signs. 

Remember Directions are as Important as Restrictions

As well as listing and highlighting any restrictions, good car park signage should always include all relevant directional information. This could either be directions to the nearest pay and display machine or in this age of smart technology how to pay on your phone. Entrance and exit points must be clearly marked, don’t forget that the entrance sign is essential for initiating the contract between the driver and the car park. It is also wise to include directions to areas of the car park reserved for specific users such as disabled bays, parent and child parking, motorcycle parking and restricted/no parking zones. 

Car Park Signs Should be Weatherproof

In a climate like the UK, it is essential that all signs are fully protected against the weather. Signs should be totally weatherproof and be durable enough to withstand heavy rain, snow, or hours of bright sunshine. It is imperative your signage remains in good condition as any damage to them could render parking charges null and void. If you employ the services of a car park attendant then you should make regularly checking the signage one of their main responsibilities. 

Signs Should be in the Correct Position

It is really important that any signs are positioned in the correct place, whether that is at the entrance of the car park or throughout it. Not situating your signs in the right place could result in them being missed by the car park users, leading to both confusion and possible misuse of your car park. You should also regularly check your signs to ensure they have not been covered up either by accident or deliberately, as information that is not clearly displayed could lead to a loss in revenue or unauthorised parking. 

All Signs Should be BPA Compliant

Any signage sited on your car park must comply with all relevant and current codes of practice and regulations. We would advise that all car park owners become members of the British Parking Association and adhere to their codes of practice, as this is key if you want to issue PCNs. If your signage is not BPA compliant drivers will be able to challenge penalty charges in court which could potentially lead to you losing revenue. It is advisable to make sure all your signs contain logos of the relevant accrediting body, as this will demonstrate to users you are a legitimate operator and that they can park their car there safely. 

Hopefully, the tips we have given in this article will help you ensure your car park has all the relevant signs in the correct places and contains all the relevant information.