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Online China Guide: Features online resources for China, including China business, China travel, learning Chinese and much more.

VPN China: A list of good and reliable VPN services that work well in China to bypas the Great Firewall.

VPNDada: A VPN review website focusing on using VPN in China.

My Favorite Builder: Do you have your favorite home builder? If not, you might be able to find one by using, a website providing resources on home builders. You can also find a collection of good articles on home building and builders.

Guide on Cars: Owning a vehicle can be fun, as long as you have the knowledge of driving your car and maintaining your car. Visit for great resources on cars and trucks.

All About Personal Finance: Personal finance is an important thing for adults. Without a good knowledge of personal finance, one can quickly run into money problems. Check out this website for guide and resources on personal finance.

Great Gift Ideas: If you are looking for gift ideas, you should check out, a website offering great guide and tips on gift shopping and gift ideas. It will make your gift shopping fun and easier!

Attorney Guide: Looking for an attorney or law firm that can help you solve your legal problems? Visit to get a directory of local attorneys as well as a collection of articles related to law.

Beauty and Fitness Resources: There're many websites related to health and beauty, but stands out by offering excellent articles and tips on beauty and health. It also help on fashion etc.

Pets Pets Pets: Having pets could be fun, but could also bring troubles. Check out this website, which offers articles and resources on pets. If you are a pet owner, you should visit this site!

101ElderCare: For people looking for resources on elder care, senior care and long term care, you should take a look at for resources and directories related to elder care services.

Blockchain News: A collection of news related to blockchain and bitocoins. ICO (initial coin offering) listings and ICO news. Guides and resources on cryptocurrency.

Real Estate Pro: Real estate is a great way for investment. However, not all of us have a good understanding of real estate. You can visit this website to gain knowledge on real estate.

99 Insurance: This is a website all about insurance. You can find a list of insurance agents in our area and a collection of great articles on insurance. Check out this site. It will help you understand insurance better! When it comes to mortgage, not all of us totally understand how it works and the pros and cons of mortgage. is a website to help you get a better understanding of mortgage

Apartment Living Guide: Are you renting and living in an apartment or condo? If so, check out this website for tips and guide on apartment living as well as apartment hunting. features dental resources such as dental guide, dental articles and a directory of dentists. If you are looking for resources on dentistry, you should definitely check out this site. guides and resources on computer and the internet.