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5 Things Your Neighbor Don't Tell You

1. I may steal your Wi-Fi.

Many people admit to illegally using their neighbor's Internet service. This can significantly increase your Wi-Fi bill. Not only can this practice be expensive for you, it can also get you in a lot of trouble. Your neighbor could be using your Wi-Fi to do illegal activities. This could result in you facing charges and legal fees. Secure your Wi-Fi and change the password regularly. This will protect you against your neighbors. For more Internet security and privacy, you might consider getting a good VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, 12VPN, VyprVPN, IPVanish, SwitchVPN etc.

2. We will be loud

Noise complaints are a huge issue in neighborhoods. Loud dogs, music, alarms, and even arguments can really carry. Noise can be very annoying. It can also lead to health issues. You may experience loss of sleep, anxiety, and stress because of your noisy neighbors. To minimize noise, you may want to consider investing in soundproofing.

3. Registered sex offender

Registered sex offenders are not required to report their status to their neighbors. Their status is available to the public online. Registered sex offenders are required to notify local law enforcement of any change of address or employment. All of this information is made public via the National Sex Offender Registry. Unfortunately, the presence of a convicted sex offender can hurt property values. There really is not much you can do to deal with a registered sex offender neighbor.

4. I have a pest infestation

Your neighbor may be plagued with unwanted guests. It only takes one case of bedbugs to spread throughout an apartment building. Pests like bed bugs require intensive extermination. Extermination can also be quite expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars to for several cycles of extermination. Be wary of unhygienic neighbors. Dirty neighbors are more likely to have unwanted pest infestations.

5. I am a trouble maker

If your neighbor is involved in any illegal activities, it will probably negatively affect you. If the police investigate your neighbors, you may be involved in the investigation. Your neighbors' sketchy friends may also endanger you too. They may even try to break into your home. Any legal troubles your neighbors have will hurt your listing price too. 

To protect yourself, you should invest in a home security system. These expensive security systems will help protect you. Look for a system that includes cameras and window and door sensors. Large fences and strong gates can also help too. Invest in a security system, and you will be thankful later!

Unless you live on a secluded mountain, you cannot avoid having neighbors. These 5 secrets can make your life miserable. Protect yourself, and you may be able to counteract any of your neighbors' annoying traits.