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Fashion Accessories for Men - Quick Tips for a Stylish Look

When it comes to jewelry, it is not only the ladies that can have all the fun. Men's jewelry does tend to be a little more understated, but there is no reason that you cannot also bling things up a little.

The key is to choose tasteful pieces that are of good quality. Choosing jewelry that matches your taste and sense of style is extremely important as well.

If you are the guy who always wears runs around in sneakers and board shorts, for example, a classically styled ring would not go amiss. A completely blinged out chain and pendant set, however, would probably not work.

In this post, we will look at five different accessories that every man should consider adding to their ensembles.

A Great Watch

This is a no-brainer. Watches do more than just tell you what time it is. They have a practical purpose, but can also be a real expression of personality and complement your style.

Take the Rolex, a classic favorite – when worn it can subtly impress others. This Is great when trying to close a business deal.

On the other hand, if you want to a more casual look, a Rolex is undoubtedly going to be overkill. It is, therefore, a good idea to have a couple of different watches to suit different occasions.

A Necklace

These are seen as more of an accessory for the ladies, but men's necklaces can be quite appealing. You can find them in different lengths and chain styles to help complement your personal style. Men's necklaces tend to be plainer and chunkier than women's.

Start off with a plain silver or gold chain and see how it looks. You can always consider adding a pendant later to give it more bling.


Men’s bracelets in the past have tended towards the more rugged, casual look. You don’t have to settle for only leather thongs or cuffs, though. There are plenty of men’s bracelets made out of gold and silver that look elegant and interesting.

With bracelets, a simple rule applies – If you are wearing them with other jewelry, including a watch, be sure that they fit together in terms of materials and style. You don’t want to wear a silver bracelet and gold chain together, for example.


This is where guys are able to let their hair down a bit. Men can traditionally wear rings that have a bit more bling on them than would work in something like a necklace or a bracelet.

When considering which ring to choose, consider when you will wear it. How many rings do you want to wear at a time? Are you happy with one ring per hand, or do you want your fingers covered in rings?

The basic rule with rings is to wear them so that they match in with any other jewelry that you are wearing. So, a gold ring with your gold chain, etc.


Are you a businessman wearing dress shirts often? An elegant pair of cufflinks might be all you need to give your outfit that boost and panache. You can also get away with something with more bling here if that is what you want.

Use these tips that we have given here as a rough guide. Maybe there is a piece of jewelry that doesn’t quite fit in terms of our guidelines, but that looks amazing on you. Be open to trying many different styles on and you will find the perfect look.