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Getting Back Together With A Long Lost Love

We've all heard the stories about childhood sweethearts getting back together after decades of being apart. It's a pretty common occurrence and most of you wonder, how can they still love each other after all those years of being separated? Well, here are some answers and a few tips for those of you who are still pining for their long lost love.

Most romantic relationships that are formed during one's early years tend to be intense and very passionate. It is during these formative years, from the early teenage years to early twenties, wherein we form our identities. And these are usually the years when we meet our very first love. When we break up with them, they become the basis and standard of all our other relationships.

If you find yourself still longing for that first love after all these years, fret not, since this happens to most people. Break ups that happen due to circumstance, like long distance, disapproving parents, joining the military, and other reasons that you couldn't control, leave you with a feeling of an unfinished business. Break ups due to these reasons have the Romeo and Juliet effect, where, the more difficult it was for you to stay together, the more you wanted to be with the person, but you couldn't really do anything about it. You often felt like the separation was unfair and you wonder, if it hadn't happen, would we still be together?

If you're unattached today and you can't shake off that long lost love from your mind, then maybe contacting that person and trying to find out if they felt the same way may be a good idea. Just make sure that the other person is unattached, as well. Once the coast is clear, try to contact him or her. When they reply, you can meet up and determine if the old feelings are still there. You can go to the restaurant or park where you had your first date, see movies that you watched when you were still together-try bringing back those feelings by mimicking the sensory experiences that you both shared in the past. The most important thing is to determine if the feeling is mutual and you can start from there.

There are people in our lives whom we'll never forget or never stop loving. The most important thing is to give it a try, rather than not trying at all.

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