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How Often Does Water Damage Lead To Bigger Issues?

As a homeowner, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day aspects of maintenance. There will be some tasks that you can easily carry on your own while others will require that you’re getting in touch with an expert. A good example is mold remediation. It could take as little as a day for mold to start appearing in your home after the water damage. Given the complexities involved with the mold inspection and testing in Chicago, it is important that you’re getting in touch with an expert as soon as possible.

Water damage, if left unattended, could lead to bigger issues such as the presence of mold. When you’ve recently experienced water damage, it is not only the damage to property you should be worried about but also your health. That is why water assessment is valuable. If you’re doing the inspection on your own, you’re likely to leave out some important assessments that could be crucial for the remediation process. One of the biggest issues that you’re going to face because of water damage is the presence of mold in your home. Here are some of the things you’ll need to be aware of:

How Dangerous Mold Could Be?

Even though there are some species of mold that are actually useful, the majority of them are unhealthy and you wouldn’t want any of them near your home. The good thing is that they’re remediated in the same way and you’ll not have to worry about paying more for some specific mold remediation.

Moisture is the Biggest Culprit

There can never be mold without the presence of moisture. The humidity levels should never be more than 60% in a home or commercial building. In order to be in control over the presence in your home, it is imperative that you’re taking care of the moisture. You shouldn’t wait for more than a day before you can start looking for a solution as you could be facing untold damages because of the presence of moisture.

More Than Killing

Mold shouldn’t only be killed but completely remediated. That is why attempting the whole process on your own is never a good idea. The surface should completely be scrubbed and the moisture problem taken care of.

Repairs Can Be Expensive

The presence of mold in a building could point out to bigger problems. It could be leaks, poor drainage, or even a problem with the foundation of the building. The presence of mold will only be a small issue to deal with. Making the repairs should be a priority as you’re likely to experience recurring problems with mold if the moisture is not addressed.

Avoiding Moisture Inspection Scam

When searching for a water damage restoration service, you’d want to work with a provider that will take care of the problem once and for all. There are a lot of scammers out there and it is crucial that you’re separating the grain from the chaff. It should be noted that there are no government regulations when it comes to licensing for mold inspectors. That doesn’t mean that the person you intend to hire should lack a license. It is recommended that you’re looking for a provider that is licensed as a general contractor.

In most instances, you’ll get what you pay for. That is why you should never go with the contractor with the cheapest quote. Such a mold remediation contractor could be having something to hide and you’ll not want to find out the hard way. Ideally, you should be willing to pay for inspection and remediation separately so that you’re aware of what exactly it is that you’re getting.

Focus on the Problem

Mold could be anywhere and if you don’t find the source of the problem then you’re likely to experience recurring issues. Moisture assessment will be more effective than air sampling when it comes to a mold inspection.

Observe Inspection

It is important that you’re present during the inspection, especially if you’re unsure of the experience and reliability of the company. There are companies that are known to turn up the heat to scare building owners.


The U.S Environmental Protection Agency highly recommends taking a common-sense approach when it comes to dealing with mold inspection and remediation. There is no need to pay money for inspections when you can visibly see them. The focus should be on the remediation. Make sure that the contractor that you intend to hire is experienced and can be trusted to do a good job with the remediation.

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