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Serli & Siroan: The Best Handmade Jewellers

If high-quality jewelry at affordable prices is a practice- then the serli & siroan jewellery stores are its practitioners.


Serli & Siroan is undoubtedly one of the largest independent jewelry store chains in Canada. With over 100,00 pieces that are available at double the styles, the serli & siroan jewellery stores sell a versatile collection of diamonds, gemstones, and other jewelry.

 Every showpiece at serli & siroan is intricately customized so that you will undoubtedly find your perfect match at the end of the night.

With incredibly unique and distinguished designs, the serli & siroan jewellery stores cater to a variety of events and milestones so that the best moments of your life are marked with the best jewelry pieces.

To produce, such a professional level of jewelry, we use masterful and skilled professional jewelers. To stay authentic and genuine, serli & siroan have always been open to sharing about the handcrafting process.


It happens too often- you decide you want to get your beloved a gift and take a quick detour to the jewelry store. The next thing you know- you’re experiencing a sensory overload thanks to the hundreds of designs and options in front of you.

At the serli & siroan jewellery stores, we’re with you at every point of this experience. Serli & Siroan gladly offer help to anyone who needs it. From digging up information about gemstones to showing you the most popular designs, this jewelry store makes sure of it that buying jewelry is as simple of a process as possible.

Our consultation service exists whenever you need it to help you distinguish between different diamonds; elaborate on the creation processes, help you find the best designs, and answer all your burning questions.


Despite the long rows of diamonds and other gems, you- yes, you- are our most priceless possession at serli & siroan. When it comes to designing jewelry, serli & siroan takes the customers’ needs very seriously and strives to meet their expectations.

Where a lot of jewelry stores have passed the point of handmade jewelry, serli & siroan makes use of engagement ring craftsmen to help bring your vision to life. Besides, every designer is open to direct interaction with the customer.

This way, the entire crafting process is completely visible up until the result is in your hands. So- don’t be a stranger.

Other important services provided at Serli & Siroan include:


Since heirloom jewelry has often taken a long and tedious journey down your family tree- and is quite possibly roughed up because of the years, Serli & Siroan is happy to step in and help in bringing back its quality.

Many such heirlooms are taken up as projects and tested to see how well they can be restored to the perfect condition. The restoration process is carried out through replacement, resizing, repairs, and more.


Have you ever looked at a particular piece of jeweller- maybe a necklace or a ring- and realized you’re tired and bored of seeing the same design every day.

If change is what you’re looking for- serli & siroan are your best bets. The store offers its customers a service by which they convert old jewelry pieces into a new and unrecognizable piece- so there’s never a dull moment in your life.

The process itself is very carefully undertaken by the best craftsmen. Every gem is reset, and every metal is merged under their supervision so that the outcome is perfection in every sort of way.


After you’ve successfully chosen, crafted, and bought a piece of jewelry, the serli & siroan jewellery stores end the purchase with a glamorous finishing touch.

The serli & siroan gift box is insanely popular for its look. The gift box is drowned in an exquisite and royal burgundy ribbon that gives your jewelry the extra special flair that it needs.

With a serli & siroan piece in your hands, you’ll be wooing your partner into young love all over again! Check more jewellery facts by Britannica here!

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