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Turn your Deck into a Sunroom for Year-Round Fun

Decks are a great thing to have in your home, but some people find they can't use them as much as they would like due to weather conditions. By choosing to add a sunroom or a screen enclosure to your deck you boost the time you can use this space to year around! With a sunroom, you gain protection from pesky bugs, scorching heat, dangerous weather, and even peeping neighbors. 

Benefits of Having a Sunroom

By converting your deck to a patio enclosure or sunroom, you gain additional square footage in your home. This raises the value if you go to sell your home someday. In addition, by converting your deck you only pay a portion of the cost for the full upgrade to your home. This gives you the opportunity to match the style of your home with the new addition. Having such a renovation done to your home is still a large task, and can seem like a daunting one. But prepping yourself to know what you want can help make the task seem smaller. 

Can I build My Sunroom on a Hill?

If your deck resides over a hill, or your home is at the top of a hill, adding a sunroom can seem like an impossible task. But fret not! By having a deck already in place, you have solved half the problem. Wanting a sunroom added to your home on a hill is solved by first having a deck. This way you are not having to create a new flat area of land. You don't even have to lift the deck way up, you can add a short deck to be level with the foundation of your home, making it maybe a step or two higher to access. A lot of homeowners might think their property is not suited for a deck, sunroom, or patio enclosure when they are located on a hill, but this just isn't true. 

Deciding Whether or Not to Replace the Deck

Maybe your deck isn't the right shape or size you need. Or maybe it is just in poor condition and needs to be replaced? This can seem like a big issue, but you don't have to make the decision alone. By asking a professional home remodeler to check the structural integrity of your deck, you can have some peace of mind that you are making the best decision for your space. 

Designing Your Perfect Sunroom

Once you have decided to modify or replace your deck during the process, you can start designing your new sunroom! A professional general contractor can suggest some design ideas if you are at a loss to help your new addition blend seamlessly into your existing home with windows, roofing, doors, and siding. They will also take care of scheduling inspections and acquiring permits.

Furnishing the Sunroom

Now it is time to get to the fun part! Getting to fill your new space with your style is exciting. While the construction of the sunroom may have been very specialized and not allowed you to put your personal touches on things, this is your chance to truly customize it so that it suits your taste and passions. Decide what you want to use the room for, and start filling it with customized items. Add bookshelves to make a library, a desk for an office, equipment for a gym, supplies for an art studio, and couches for a lounge area; anything is possible! What is most important is to make the space your own and fill it with things to make you happy and start enjoying your new space. 

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