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4 Ways to Make Your Home More You

When you walk into your home, you want it to be a place where you feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. The best way to do this is by making your home suit your personality. If you don't feel that your living space is tailored to your interests and preferences, there are simple ways to make it feel more like your own. After all, there's nobody better at making a place more "you" than you.

Add an Accent Piece

No matter your design aesthetic, you can find an accent piece that adds a little class, chicness, fun or color to your home that makes it look unique and more personal. Get a bright accent table to spice up a room full of neutrals, or just add a fun blanket to your bedroom. Accent pieces are a great way to make your home more personal because they show off your personality without completely taking over a room. Let this piece be a conversation starter and hog the spotlight a little bit, because it represents you.

Display Personal Memorabilia

We all have some sentimental pieces that we keep around because they're meaningful. This may be an old softball, family pictures or a souvenir from a special trip. Instead of keeping these things hidden away in an attic, put them on display. Surround yourself with memories that make you feel happy or remind you of good times and people. Once you decide on an item or items that you want to display, do a search on Pinterest for artistic ways to do so. You may be surprised at how many ways you can show off your collections.

Find Awesome Artwork

Many people think that artwork should be serious and perfectly match a home, but throw those thoughts to the wind. Find artwork that makes your soul happy and puts a smile on your face because it represents you instead. Keep your eyes peeled because you can find it anywhere — local farmer's markets, Etsy, eBay and more. Really want to make it personal? Find an artist you love and commission a work of art that's made just for you, or create a piece on your own

Create a Space for Hobbies

What more personalization could you ask for than an area of your home solely dedicated to doing what you enjoy? If you like to paint or draw, designate a room or even a corner of a room as your studio. Get an easel and a desk, and dedicate yourself to making that space special. Film buff? Set up some shelves to display your collection and get some movie decor to make it your very own home theater. Even if you don't have a hobby that can benefit from an indoor space, find a way to highlight one of your interests and show off something you are passionate about.

Personalizing your home is an important step in being comfortable where you live. If your place is decorated like a stranger is living there, you will not likely enjoy living there as much as is possible. From accent pieces to funky artwork, let your personality shine in every room.