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5 Things You May Not Know You Can Buy Online

Sure, we think of books and shoes when we think of Internet shopping, but these days, pretty much anything you want can be found to buy online. Now we don't need to go down the road of unsavory, illegal things, we're just talking about some of the less mainstream things you may not have thought about, but online shopping can you save you time and stress looking for them.

Yeah, You Know You Thought It - Sex Stuff

Pretty much everything that you order online comes in a brown box or wrapper, you don’t have to worry that the mailman may judge you for these finds. But yes, you can find all of your sex fun stuff online, including condoms. You may find a wider selection and some pretty interesting stuff if you decide to buy condoms online. Whether you are just condom shopping or are going a little more adventurous with your love life, you can find it all online. And you don't have to worry about who may see you walking out of that shop, plus you'll have quite the variety of everything you may want, or didn't even know you wanted, online. Have fun doing this shopping!

Old Records

For some people, half the fun of collecting is the hunt. They love sifting through dusty old records or driving to shop to shop to find just the right one. Others, though, don't want the journey or the hunt, just the prize, the end result. If you are a record collector, you just love that old vinyl, but don't have the time to get to all of the record stores, think online shopping. Maybe it's not that you don't want to run around town looking, but maybe you live where no records stores are even close by - check out buying vinyl online. You may end up having a favorite online record store, or you just love to browse the different sites to get just want you want, best condition, best price. For those who know just what they want, this can be the ticket, too.


Maybe you visited a little town years ago and had the best elk jerky you've every tasted. Well, maybe the only elk jerky you ever tasted. The thing is, though, you can't stop thinking about that elk jerky. It haunts you and you have to have it again, though you have no intentions of visiting that small town again. Order it online. Even if that specific store doesn’t have a web site, you can find other fantastic elk jerky online. Whatever food your little stomach desires want, you can probably find it online. Some food may be harder to ship, for instance, cupcakes could melt in the heat or other foods could spoil at certain temperatures.

Beer or Wine or Other Alcohol

Yes, you can buy this, too. Maybe you dream of that craft beer you had at your cousin's wedding, you really want it, maybe to go with your elk jerky. You can buy alcohol online these days. However, someone over the age of 21 has to sign for it when it's delivered, remember that. A business must also be registered to ship alcohol; individuals can't -it's against the law.

Fandom Stuff

You must have a Game of Thrones shirt or maybe some Star Wars socks. Where do you get those, though? You don't want the same ones they sell at the big box stores or the mall, everyone has that stuff, right? So find a little niche for fandom wear online. You can find any and all fandoms, and you maybe surprised at what you can get. Not only clothing, but games, figures, decorative items. Think of it, all you wanted was a pair of socks but now your whole house is decorated like the set from Star Wars. What could be better?

Whatever it may be you need to find online, check out any shipping restrictions, especially with food and alcohol. Some of this stuff may have age requirements, and need an adult's signature upon delivery. But never fear, if you need it, want it and can't live without it, it's there online, just waiting for you.

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