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Archery As a Sport and Hobby

I have this crazy job where I get to haul off and try new things every so often and then write a review about it for people to read. It's a job that I didn't know existed and therefore that I never planned to pursue. It sort of just fell into my lap one day and it has been the perfect job for me ever since. I love it. My days are filled with new things, sometimes safe and sometimes risky. Quite often I pick up great new hobbies that I'll have for a lifetime and other times I try something once that I'll never touch again. I recently had an interesting bout with archery.

I'll admit that I didn't know much about archery until I was assigned to a day at an archery field receiving lessons. I wasn't all that excited about my task simply because there was nothing that sounded appealing about bow hunting, or shooting arrows at a target a distance away from me. I couldn't figure out why people would invest time, talent and money into such an activity, or a sport as many called it.

I arrived at the archery field full of skepticism and a desire to have the day finished. I was convinced that this would be one of the days that my job was my enemy and when I couldn't wait to get back home. I was wrong. From the moment I met the directors of the archery field to the moment I returned to my car four hours later, I enjoyed myself. I learned a lot about archery and I realized that it truly was a sport that I could enjoy and that was worth some time and energy.

Archery takes a lot more concentration and hard work than I first imagined it would. I ignorantly thought that I'd be able to walk onto the archery field and shoot my arrows directly into the center of the target. I wondered why anyone couldn't accomplish this task. I was rudely awakened to how hard archery really is. I quickly gained appreciation for all people who have taken the time to perfect their archery skills.

Since this first experience with archery I'll admit that I have been back to the course multiple times. I have gathered there with many groups of friends and enjoyed afternoons full of laughter and stubborn trying to get it right. If you are looking for a great new hobby and a way to work on your concentration and even strength, then archery is for you.