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Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Nurse?

Nurses are medical professionals who form one of the most important pillars of our society. Apart from the professional training they go through, nurses should have some personal attributes like emotional strength, compassion, skills and other necessary traits to enable them take care of hundreds of sick people every day. If you're interested in practical nursing, you might be surprised to learn that there are online LPN programs available. If you are considering becoming a caregiver, you should have what it takes to become a nurse. Some of the important traits and strengths a nurse should have include:


Being a nurse means you will be facing many people with injuries and sick patients. Most of the time, patients become agitated and frustrated by their conditions hence it’s important that you know how you will handle your patients by showing empathy. This acts like a kind of assurance that you want your patients to recover fully and get back to normal life. Nurses are supposed to show full care of their patients’ well-being.


Doctors like working with nurses who are confident enough to face patients no matter how bad their condition is. A nurse should be able to face patients and explain to them every relevant detail regarding their health. Patient will not be confident with you if you show them you are afraid or not sure of what you are doing.


A nurse is prone to experiencing life threatening situations hence should be able to maintain calmness without showing any signs of being tense. Further, he or she should never show any signs of freaking out. This is because if the patient realizes that you have put the situation under control, he or she will see high chances of getting better.


Nurses are supposed to assist the doctor. Most of the time, they handle a lot of paperwork and administrative duties hence the need to be well organized. They should prove to other staff that they can handle even the most complex tasks.


A nurse can relocate from one health institution to another. This means he or she should be willing and able to adapt to a new environment. Since nurses are meant to work as a team with other health officials, they should collaborate well with them.

Effective Communication

Nurses are in the front line of medical care. The responsibility of taking care of patients is perfectly executed when there is good communication between doctors and other nurses.

Attentive to Details

Nurses should follow instructions from the doctor to the later. Since they document every procedure they do to the patient, making one single mistake could turn out to be disastrous. For example, if a nurse fails to document that he or she gave a certain drug to the patient, a repeat of the same by another nurse could be fatal to the patient.

Having a proper mind set is also of crucial importance. In addition, a nurse should set good example to other patients. For example you should not advise a patients to stop smoking or drinking when you usually do it in an open area. It should start with you since nurses should not advise others to make good health choices while they do the opposite.

If you have all the above, you are definitely heading for a lucrative nursing profession.

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