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Facts That You Need to Know about Testosterone Hormone and How It Impacts the Male Body

Low testosterone is a common condition experienced in men as they grow older. The level of testosterone will naturally decrease with age. Studies by the Urology Care Foundation show that about 20% of men in their 60s suffer from low testosterone levels. The statistics rise to 30% for men who are in their 70s. Furthermore, by the time men reach their 80s, almost half of them will experience a drop in their testosterone levels. Read on to know more about testosterone hormone.

Importance of testosterone to men

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is synthesized by the testes. This hormone helps in the development of the sex organs in male babies. In puberty, testosterone also plays a major role in the physical development of boys into adult men. It triggers the growth of hair on the face, caused deepening of the voice, and builds muscles. Testosterone still plays a crucial role in the sexual function of a man during adulthood.

What causes a drop in testosterone levels?

A decrease in the levels of testosterone is a natural part of the aging process in men. As a man gets older, the levels of testosterone in the body will drop. Apart from aging, there are also other things that can cause low testosterone levels. They include radiation and chemotherapy for treating cancers affecting the genital area and testicular injuries. Additional causes include pituitary gland diseases and medications like steroids which negatively affect this gland.  

Low testosterone and libido

Low testosterone can impact the sex life of men. Men who suffer from low testosterone will have challenges getting and even keeping an erection. Furthermore, the erections that they do get tend to come less often and will not be as strong as before. As the levels of testosterone drop, the desire for a man to have sex will also decrease. Low testosterone levels may also cause weight increase, lethargy, reduced muscle mass, increased body fats, depression, and trouble concentrating.

Low testosterone levels and your overall health

Low testosterone levels may have serious, long-term effects on the male body. Men who have low levels of this hormone will have weak bones that can lead to osteoporosis. This bone disease makes people more prone to injury. Low testosterone increases the risk of death from cardiac disease and other causes. You can improve your overall health by using the best testosterone booster in 2018.  

Diagnosis of low testosterone

For individuals who experience symptoms such as erection problems or reduced sex drive, it is crucial to see a doctor. Your doctor will carry out a blood test that will verify whether you have low testosterone or not. However, it is important to do more than one test because the levels of testosterone tend to rise and fall all through the day. The doctor will take your blood test very early in the morning because that is when the levels of testosterone are the highest.

Treatment for low testosterone

If the levels of testosterone are lower than normal, then your doctor will recommend testosterone replacement therapy. Some men suffering from low testosterone levels can use testosterone gel to rub on their shoulders and arms. They can also get injections into the muscle, wear slow release patches, use pellets under the skin, or take oral tablets.

Since testosterone declines over time as men age, it can be difficult to determine when treatment is necessary. It is always best to consult your doctor and get started on the right treatment. With the increasing demand for testosterone boosters, many drug companies have developed supplements for treating low testosterone levels. Instead of using drugs that are readily available on the market, you should get tested and get prescriptions for effective drugs that will help rectify your problem.