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Menstrual Cups- Fundamentals and Benefits Explained

Women for years have used pads and tampons for collecting blood and protecting their clothes from stains at the time of the monthly periods. A menstrual cup will offer females an excellent alternative to the traditional techniques. There are some that are reusable and long-lasting, and there are others which are disposable.

The Fundamentals

Do you know what menstrual cups are? Simply put, this is a flexible cup that fits comfortably inside the vagina at the time of the period for collecting the menstrual blood. This cup will gather the menstrual flow instead of absorbing it as in the case of pads or tampons. The majority of these cups are made of rubber or silicone. The cup can be used all the way throughout the cycle yet you may require changing this often during heavy flow days for guarding against leaking. After 12 hours remove the cup and rinse it or during leakage.

Benefits in Abundance

Take a look at the different benefits of using a menstrual cup,

  • Less Landfill Waste and Lower Costs- Some menstrual cups have been created especially for the long-term use and also years' offering noteworthy cost savings over pads and tampons. Because you can reuse it there will be less waste for clogging the landfills and lesser trees sacrificed for making alternatives that are paper-based. Some cups have been designed for disposable. Ensure to read the label on the box carefully before buying if you need a reusable cup.
  • Minimum Embarrassing Odor- With menstrual cups, there is no worry regarding the disagreeable menstrual odor that wafts out during inopportune times. Here the fluid will not get exposed to the air like in the case with tampons and pads.
  • Beneficial Bacteria and Vaginal pH Stay in Place- The tampons will absorb all the vaginal fluid that is passed together with the blood that may disturb the bacterial balance and delicate pH in the vagina.
  • Lesser Pharmacy Visits- If you replace the cup even once a year it will reduce your pharmacy visits automatically.
  • Higher Time Between Changes- You need to change tampons every 5-8 hours depending on the amount of the flow. Before emptying the cup, you can use it for about 12 hours.
  • Intercourse is Possible- After fixing the menstrual cup in the vagina, intercourse will be possible. It is a personal choice as to whether you desire to put or remove it.
  • Simple to Use- Women who used tampons and pads particularly the type without applicators, will have minimal trouble to learn the way to insert the cup. The instructions will be available on the pack.

The bottom line is the sole means of knowing whether this cup is ideal for you will be to purchase and give this a try. Today menstrual cups are available in an array of sizes and formations, so if one variety fail to suit you, another type can do the trick. Today menstrual cups are readily available both online as well as in drug stores.