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Is That Online Date a Potential Threat?

So, you finally got the nerve up to try out online dating? What do you think so far?

For many individuals giving online dating a shot, they come to different conclusions.

Among some of them:

  • Why did I not try this earlier?
  • Why am I spending money to talk to someone behind a keyboard when I could meet someone through a friend or at a bar or club?
  • Why is he or she so much more talkative on the computer than when I actually met them in-person?

Those are but a few of the questions online daters can come up with at any given time.

With that the case, are you optimistic or pessimistic to how your online dating experience may go?

Safety Should Always Be a Top Priority

Once you’ve struck up a conversation with one or more potential dates, be sure your safety is never in danger.

Remember, you could end up meeting the nicest guy in the world through online dating. Then again, he could turn out to be a real creep.

One of the ways to get to the bottom of who an individual actually is would be by doing some investigate work.

Would you be doing a reverse phone lookup if you got non-stop calls from numbers you did not know the owners of? Such look-ups could help you pin down who owns the numbers and where they are calling from.

In doing something similar with online dating, it can lead to you being safer.

Take the person’s full name that they give you and do an online search to see who they are in reality.

Sure, they may give you a false name, but still try to dig for more information about the individual. Remember, there is more than Google to do searching online. You can find companies that offer online searches when a person wants to know more about someone.

Last, if you do end up deciding to meet up with someone you’ve been talking with, inform a close family member or friend. This way, they know where you plan to go, with whom, and about what time you expect to return.

Red Flags to Be on the Lookout for

In the event you do begin dating someone you met through an online site, keep one eye open for any notable red flags.

Among some of the more common ones:

  • They like to drink too much
  • They have a temper
  • They won’t talk much about work or money
  • They do not want you coming back to their home

While everyone has their quirks, some things stand out more than others.

In the end, it is up to you to figure out if that person is in fact a potential threat or someone you may have many dates with.

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