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Powerful Benefits of Call Tracking When Improving Your Business

When you’re spreading the word about products or services that your business is offering, you may not have put a phone number on any of the marketing channels that you’ve used. After all, your leads should be able to message or email you, right? But according to Search Engine Land, 65 percent of businesses still regard phone calls as a high-quality source of potential customers. After all, most people still want to hear a human voice on the other end of the line. Thus, you’ll want to have call tracking set up for your business. However, call tracking is more than what you think it means as it can also provide the following powerful benefits when improving your business.

1. You can easily identify which among your business’s marketing channels are attracting the most number of leads to your business and which ones aren’t worth investing anymore.

If you haven’t included a phone number in any of the marketing channels that you’re using to promote your products or services, you’re missing out on the opportunity to know where and how your leads had found out about your business.

With call tracking, each of your marketing channels have a unique phone number, thus making it easier for you to identify which channels had pulled the most number of leads to your business that can translate to a significant increase in profit.

Using call tracking can also make it easier for you to identify which marketing channels aren’t generating as much leads to your business that can cause you to abandon those promotional mediums altogether and focus on high-performing ones instead.

2. You can easily tailor-fit your business’s products or services to meet the needs of your potential customers.

Once you’ve found out where and how your leads have found out about your business using call tracking, you’ll then want to get to know them better. As you can record each of your leads’ calls with call tracking, you can listen back to what they want your products or services to have.

You can then customize your products or services to suit the needs of your potential customers instead of waiting for them to complain that they aren’t satisfied at all with what you’ve offered to them.

3. You can easily spot which among your customer service staff are pulling as many leads to your business as they can and which ones aren’t doing so.

Aside from getting to know your potential customers better, call tracking also lets you accurately see how your customer service staff handle your leads’ inquiries and concerns.

Call tracking allows you to measure the performance of your customer service staff, thus making it easier for you to see which ones are consistently converting your leads to customers and which ones aren’t even trying at all.

You can then reward your high-performing customer service staff for a job well done. As for those who have failed to convert your leads to customers, you can arrange a meeting with them to investigate further as to why they haven’t performed as much as their colleagues.


Most of your leads might still prefer to dial your business’s phone number to ask anything about a product or service that you’re offering. After all, verbal communication often results in faster response and resolution that you can’t achieve by replying to a message or email. You wouldn’t want to have only one business phone number for receiving calls though. With call tracking, you can have several phone numbers set up by a service provider such as Fone Dynamics to track each of the calls that your potential customers are making to your business. The above-listed powerful benefits of call tracking when improving your business should convince you further to have it installed as soon as possible.

John Taylor

John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.

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