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Selling Your House? Here’s How To Make Moving Easier

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys selling their house and moving all of their belongings.

We have put together a post with some more helpful moving resources.

But today, we wanted to share some of our BEST tips with you for your next move.

Between the rental truck, the boxes, and the cleaning, moving is exhausting. If you are thinking of selling your house and moving locations here are a few helpful tips we have come up with after helping our clients move.

Save money on moving boxes

If you go to the U Haul store you can buy brand new boxes in a few different sizes. They seem cheap when you price them out individually but they can really add up. Our last move cost us nearly $100 in boxes and paper alone.

Instead, look on Craigslist for people selling their used boxes (they likely just moved too). Or go to a local liquor store and ask to take their boxes (they have hundreds of them a week).

Another great resource is Amazon. If you have Prime you can get boxes delivered in two days.

Note: Don’t sacrifice quality here, you want sturdy boxes, especially if they are going to carry some of your prized possessions.

Double confirm you have a moving truck at the time you need it

This might seem like common knowledge but I can’t tell you how many times we have had to sit around and wait while we figured out which moving truck was going to be ours.

I generally schedule my moving truck online or with a call a couple weeks in advance (to make sure I can rent one). But if you don’t call a day or two before, you risk showing up and them not having a truck in the size you need.

Unfortunately, this has happened and it slows down the moving process big time. So do yourself a favor and call ahead.

Stage your rooms for moving

I am always surprised with how few people do this when they move. Trust me this saves a good amount of time and makes too much sense not to do it.

When you box everything up, clearly label it.

Then take all the boxes and stuff them in a corner of the room.

Next place the bigger items next to them (but in a way that you can still get to the boxes).

What’s the point of this?

When you are moving you need to see…

  • How much big stuff still needs to get moved
  • How many boxes can be stacked in a row before another line of boxes is placed on the ground
  • If there is awkward shaped things that can fit in pockets in the back of the moving truck

Staging each room allows you to quickly see what still needs packed and what the next load will look like.

Pro Tip: If you have a small house, consider staging in the garage or the front yard.

Wrapping It Up

We hope a few of these tips will give you something to think about during your next move. When it comes to moving you need to think about how you can save time and money. If you can get out of your house in a day you will obviously save money on rental truck fees and moving costs. But in order to do that you have to run a tight ship.

If you want to move, but are having trouble selling your house, we might be able to help. Depending on your situation, we can take a look at buying your house. We are local investors looking to buy distressed properties. Check us out for more information