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Solutions to Financial Struggles

Financial issues are said to cause more than half of the total stress experienced by people all over the world. Good management of finances may therefore help to reduce general stress in the world as well as give people a breakthrough in their financial struggles. The following are five most important tips that can help an individual to manage his/her finances. 


It is very much true to say that failing to plan is planning to fail. The same way, failing to plan for your finances is like planning to fail in managing them. Depending on someone's income, make a list of all your needs, with the basic ones coming first. If your income is not big enough, then make sure that you avoid listing your wants. Wants are different from needs, needs refers to the things that one cannot do without, while wants refers to those things one prefers having them but he/she can do without them. In short, if the salary does not allow anyone to buy luxuries, then he/she shouldn't buy them. If there is any debt, one should include it in budget during the planning process. One's goals should also be considered during the planning process in order to ensure that whatever he/she plans is directed at achieving his/her goals. 

Working Hard 

sometimes, it is important for an individual to increase his/her effort at work in order to get an extra coin. Doing the same things in the same manner with the same efforts will give an individual the same income he/she has been earning previously. Instead of relaxing and wishing miracles to happen or picking money on the streets, you should get up and work hard because miracles no longer happen nowadays. In fact, God Himself promised to bless the work of our hands; he did not say that he will bless someone's wishes and dreams. However small, something may seem, working hard will always return good fruits. It is also true that money earned out of hard work can never be misused or wasted by the individual. 

Saving / Investment 

It is always good to save a small amount of the income after budgeting for the needs. If there is nothing left after budgeting, then one may be forced to drop some of the things that have lesser importance in order to save some cash. In life, emergencies such as sickness, injuries and any other type of situation that calls for an immediate action never inform or prepare anyone. One may therefore face hell on earth if he/she is saddened with an emergency when there are no funds. However, if there are savings, one will be in a better position to handle any situation without getting into debts. The savings can also be invested in any business that generates profit. In fact, this is the best form of saving recommended for anyone. 

Controlling Unnecessary Urges 

Everyone should exercise a high self discipline and avoid giving in to bodily urges and appetites that are part of the plan. Giving in to urges may greatly contribute in wasting the finances and forcing individuals into unnecessary debts. It is also true that anyone who doesn't exercise self discipline will never be able to save. 

Loans for Development  

It is not easy for the middle class or lower class people to save enough cash for big developments such as construction of houses or buying of land. It is therefore good for those people to take loans that can be used to solve such situations at once. 

Parents who have financial struggles can consider contacting child tax credit helpline for assistance in providing basic needs for the children 

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