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Tips to Save Money on Your TV Bill

Saving money has become a way of life for many people, especially after the recent double dip recession. Working hard to save money is no longer something to be embarrassed about. It has become fashionable to find ways to cut down expenses. In fact, many people get a thrill out of thinking of new ways to cut down their monthly expenses.

There are many creative ways to cut down your expenses. All you need to do is look in the right places. One such place is your TV bill. According to the Federal Communications Commission, the average household in the US spends $65 per month on cable TV. This seems to be going up as another study by the NDP Group put the average cost at $90 per month. This means that you spend an estimated $1000 per year on TV alone. This is going to keep going up as costs are expected to continue rising.

Cut your bills

You don’t have to give up TV to save money. You can fight back and save some money with these tips:

  • Consider bundling your services

You may be able to save some money if you choose to have your services as a bundle instead. Bundle services allow you to combine TV, internet and telephone services. You get a single bill at the end of the month making it easier to deal with your expenses.

The biggest benefit of bundling is that many providers offer discounts on their services. You can take advantage of these offers to cut down on your monthly bills.

  • Scale back

Do you really watch all 300 channels on your TV package? Many people watch only a handful of the channels that they have on their packages. It therefore makes no sense to pay for a premium package if you don’t really need one. Consider scaling back on your TV package. Downsize to a package that has your favorite channels. You’ll spend less and still get what you want out of your TV package.

Many basic TV packages also come with on-demand services. This allows you to watch movies and other premium content when you want to. You can therefore have more control over the cost of viewing this content. Check out the most popular TV packageshere.

  • Consider switching providers

Research the competition. Is there a provider with better content and at a better price? You may save a lot of money by switching providers. However, it is important to understand the conditions of your current contract. Will you have to pay a fee for exiting the contract? You should also investigate the actual costs of switching providers and ensure that it is cost-efficient.

  • Negotiate for a better rate

Yes, you can negotiate for a better rate from your current service provider. If you’ve done your homework and know what the competition is offering, then you can ask your current provider to match the offer. While you may not get the exact same offer, you’re likely to get a better offer than your current contract.