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Don’t Let a Sexual Assault Go By the Wayside

There is typically nothing more mentally and physically damaging than being sexually assaulted. Still, countless women (sometimes men) feel somehow that it was their fault or that the perpetrator will never be brought to justice.

With that in mind, have you been the victim of such an assault?

If so, did you stand up for your rights and deny the attacker or attackers from getting away with it?

Stand up for Your Rights

Whether you were sexually assaulted by a stranger or someone close to you, there is never a valid reason to allow such an attack to go unpunished.

Unfortunately, too many victims will either wait and extended period of time to report the crime or altogether avoid notifying authorities. In such cases, proving the sexual assault happened can be more difficult.

So, how can sexual assault victims make sure they’ve done all that is possible to bring their attacker to justice?

First, always realize that you did not encourage such a crime.

In many instances, the victim will feel that they in some way brought on the attack.

No matter what words were said, how one was dressed, whether one had too much to drink, there is no excuse for sexually assaulting someone.

Once you’ve gotten past the idea that you were somehow to blame, be sure that you do everything possible to bring those responsible to justice.

Legal Aspects of a Sexual Assault

Starting the legal procedure against someone that has sexually assaulted you means reporting the attack as quickly as possible.

Yes, it is certainly common for the victim to be traumatized following such a heinous attack, but time is of the essence in notifying the proper authorities.

Along with law enforcement, victims should look to legal help in order to back up their case.

Even though the idea of seeking legal assistance may leave some unable to sleep, properly able to think, truly function each and every day etc., getting help as soon as possible increases the chances that the criminal will be brought to justice.

If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault, do your best to do the following:

  • Get to a medical facility – First and foremost, get to a medical facility to have be checked out. If you’ve been battered and/or bruised, it is important to have a thorough physical exam, making sure you do not have any unnoticed internal injuries, injuries that ultimately could be life-threatening. Also be tested for any forensic evidence (DNA) from the attacker that could help prove your case and bring someone to justice;
  • Report the matter to law enforcement – Unfortunately, too many sexual assault cases go unreported, leaving the attacker the opportunity to go after more victims. Yes, it is hard and can even be intimidating at times to follow through on such a report, but it is in your best interests and those of potential victims to do just that;
  • Seek out legal help – Getting your information (including DNA evidence) to law enforcement and attorneys/prosecutors as quickly as possible gives you a better chance of ultimately gaining a successful conviction against your attacker. As harrowing as some of the discussions (including recreating the crime in your mind) can be, do your best to present the facts. As traumatizing as such an assault is, providing the information while it is still relatively fresh in your mind allows for a better chance to bring someone to justice;
  • Lean on family and friends – Those closest to you know you best, so do not be afraid to lean on them in this tough period in your life. It is also a good idea to talk with others that have been the victims of such crimes. Yes, it can be difficult to want to open up and talk about what happened to you, but having others that can listen to you and share similar experiences can be of great emotional benefit. You will likely learn through other such victims that YOU are the real victim here and NOT responsible for what took place.

Providing the facts to authorities and telling your story can go a long way in bringing these types of criminals to justice, especially before they hurt someone else.