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Gift Giving Suggestions

It’s that time of year again. You’d like to be creative, and generous, with your gift giving, but your funds are limited. There’s no reason to break the bank when so many creative options exit for sending a message of caring, appreciation and friendship through gift giving. Make a list and make a budget. Commit to sticking with both. Don’t get stuck in the habit of only giving store bought gifts. There may be some super special people on your list that would just love a gift from the Popcorn Factory. Take advantage of the many options and savings Groupon coupons offer.

On the other hand, don’t shy away from taking the time to gift the gift of your time and talent. Present your talents in the form of a gift card for pet care, computer assistance, house sitting, gardening or even a homemade dinner. Surely you have time and talents that would not only be appreciated but cherished by your friends and family. Who knows, you may even start a trend in your circle or family. It’s really a great alternative to traditional gifts on so many levels. (Not to mention it can be very economical when your list is large!)

Starting your shopping several months before the holidays allows you to not only spread the cost but also to research gift options and uncover bargains. The same can be said for creating gift cards and content for your special gifts of self and talent. Join up with friends or other family members to make one large gift for that special person in your lives instead of opting individually for smaller gifts. The recipient will not only be thrilled with the gift, but with the fact that you collaborated with others near and dear. Put your thinking cap on and get creative to make this an extra special holiday season!

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