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Should You Pop the Question Over the Holidays?

When you’ve decided that the woman of your dreams is right in front of you, is it in fact time now to pop the big question?

For many guys, asking their special lady to marry them can be nerve-wracking.

That said would the holidays be a good time to do it?

With all going on from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, some might think an engagement would get lost in the shuffle.

On the flip side of the coin, romances and feelings tend to heat up over the holidays. As such, a holiday proposal could prove a big hit.

Among the things to consider:

  • Is the timing right?
  • Where should I ask her?
  • Are we ready to get engaged and at some point married?
  • What if by chance she would say no?

Trying to answer a myriad of questions in your head can be a challenge.

As you think about if this is time to ask her, ponder where and when you will pop the question.

Oh, have you thought about the engagement ring you want to give her?

Ring Shopping Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

To get to the part where you can ask her for her hand in marriage, it helps to have a ring.

Whether you opt for a moissanite ring or another brand, make sure it is one you’re 99.9 percent positive she’s going to like.

So, how can you get to know what ring would be best for her?

While many guys want to surprise their significant other with a ring, others want her in on what she will get. With that being the case, don’t hesitate to go ring shopping together. Trips to several jewelers should help you both narrow down what it is what she wants.

Among the traits to look for in a jeweler:

  • Longevity – How long has the jeweler been in the business? Ones that have been around for decades have kept customers happy in one form or another. If you do not already know, ask around town. Which jewelers most often come to mind when it relates to shopping for a ring?
  • Service – As important as the shape and color of the ring will be, customer service can’t be an afterthought. In asking about jewelers, find out which ones come with high customer service reviews.

Once you’ve narrowed down the choice in jewelers, find that ring that puts a big smile on her face.

Popping the Question

With the ring in-hand, the next major piece of the puzzle is of course asking her to marry you.

Finding that perfect time and setting can prove a challenge for some men. Others, well they know exactly what they want to do.

Among some of the possible scenarios to consider:

  • The two of you – Find a romantic setting such as a special restaurant or the place where the two of you first met. From there, you can rekindle the memories of your first date to where the two of you are now in life.
  • On a trip – How about getting out of town for a romantic trip? Although she may think something is up, play it cool. You can surprise her during the trip when she is least expecting a proposal.
  • Family holiday event – Last, would you pop the question during a family holiday event? Although you may want the proposal to involve only the two of you, having family in on it could be fun too. You should know your special woman well enough by now to think whether this would go over well.

Popping the question over the holidays or any time for that matter may scare a lot of guys into freezing up.

But if you decide to propose during the holidays, what better way to warm things up?