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These 3 Devices Emit EMF Radiation

The concept of radiation is something that you have probably known about since you were still at school. You also understand that radiation comes in different forms. Your teacher might have also told you that radiation is useful in many applications, especially in modern technology. However, you might have missed the necessary information regarding electromagnetic field radiation or EMF radiation.

There are a lot of devices that emit EMF radiation. You may not be aware of it, but almost everyone is vulnerable to it. Here are some devices that you use each day that emit EMF radiation that you need to know of.

  1. Cellular phones

If you have noticed your phone getting hot when used for a long time or when you are using the GPS to find a location, it is because of EMF radiation. As the device is used longer, it works harder. Hence, more damaging microwaves are emitted. These go into the atmosphere. Since you are around the area, your body could be vulnerable to them. One study revealed why some women had breast cancers; because they carried their phones close to their breasts. Even though some of them maintained a generally healthy lifestyle, they still ended up with cancer.

  1. Microwave ovens

Microwaves are considered high frequency radio waves. The good thing is that when the microwave oven door is shut, it does not emit radiation as it is kept inside the device. However, older microwave models were not designed to ensure that radiation did not escape. The food inside may be exposed to radiation and you could eat it too. It is advised that you limit the cooking time if possible. This helps prevent EMF radiation exposure but also retains more nutrients in the food you eat.

  1. Wi-Fi

This may come as a surprise, but this new and useful technology is actually a huge source of EMF radiation. Wi-Fi works at the same frequency as microwave ovens. The good thing is that it passes through several channels and in an open environment. Hence, you are not directly affected. Over time though, the protective barrier of the brain may be compromised because of Wi-Fi. This causes more toxic compounds to reach the brain.

Stay protected

There are a lot of other sources of EMF radiation. It is inevitable considering the modern world we are living in. We can’t just turn back time simply because we want to stay away from radiation. The best thing to do is wear EMF protection like an EMF pendant. You can prevent the radiation from penetrating your body with the help of such protective devices. You just have to wear them every day and you won’t have to worry about radiation anymore.

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