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Vinyl siding 101: what it is and what’s the best one

Vinyl siding is a plastic siding used for waterproofing. It imitates the finishe look of wood and that’s why it gives an aesthetic look to your house. The use of vinyl siding began in 1950’s. It was used as an alternative for aluminum siding. Vinyl siding was first manufactured by Crane Plastics a manufacturing plant located in Ohio. The vinyl siding manufacturing process was further developed in 1970s. Now it became the standard in the roofing industry and in the United States.

There are many varieties available to choose from today. One can customize its color, style, thickness and size according to the house specifications. Vinyl siding is available in thickness varying from 0.35 inches to 0.52 inches. It’s price varies with thickness; the thicker it is the more expensive the cost. The thicker vinyl siding provides more durability, style and resistance against weather changes. But thick vinyl siding is more likely to crack when subjected to heavy pressure. That’s why most people prefer thin vinyl siding. Quality depends on thickness; vinyl is measured in mils or thousandth of inches.

0.038”-------considered to be economy grade

0.040”-----------------------------builder’s grade

0.042”----------------------------- light residential grade

0.044”---------------------------- standard residential grade

0.046”---------------------------- thick residential grade

0.048”---------------------------- premium grade

It is also manufactured with different formulas. Polyvinyl chloride or PVO is the main element of vinyl siding manufacturing. To make it harder acrylics are applied on the top layer. Some manufacturers have created UV coating surfaces, but it may also shorten the life span of vinyl siding.

Benefits of vinyl siding 101:

Maintenance: It is very easy to maintain vinyl siding, you can easily clean it with soap and water. It also eliminates the task of painting year after year.

Durability: Vinyl siding is durable and withstands the changing weather conditions.

Cost: vinyl siding is a cost effective material and it also lowers energy costs.

Appearances: Vinyl siding is available with different colors and styles which gives a more aesthetic finish to your home. It is also comes in longer lengths which gives the home a seamless look. It is available in 8 different styles; Dutch lap, beaded, shingles, clapboard, shake, vertical, log, board band batten.

Warranty: The lower grade vinyl siding offers 5 years to 10 years of warranty. The high quality vinyl siding from manufacturers like GAF or TAMKO comes with lifetime-limited warranties against manufacturer defects. After choosing a manufacturer, you could learn about DIY siding installation on YouTube or call a professional contractor to install it for you.

What is the best one?

If you are planning to install vinyl siding then you should study the subject well and consider the following features.

Extra-long panels: for creating a smooth look use long panels.  16 feet long vinyl siding panels are considered to be the best as it limits the number of seams.

Double hem nailing area: double hem allows for more nails which provides a stronger attachment and increases the sidings resistance against high winds.  

Insulated vinyl sidings: insulated vinyl as compared to traditional vinyl siding reduces thermal bridging and appears more uniform.  

If you are looking for to the Royal option in roofing & siding systems then vinyl is the best option hands down. No professional would argue on that.

We would like to cordially give a shot-out to Royal Renovators Inc. 118-35 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375 (800) 423-2313, Royal Roofing Queens 68-38 Main St #2, Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 489-4009, Goldenberg Roofing NYC 1274 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029 (212) 457-1324 and NY Roofing 2707 Strickland Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234 (646) 838-0441for all their efforts in making this incredible article about vinyl siding a reality. All these contractors really went all out to teach our readers the full in’s and out’s of siding. We beleive you will now be able to make a much better informed decision on everything from the type, size, manufacturer and warranty of the siding you want to install.

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