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Take to Movavi Video Editor To Make A Movie With Funny Videos Of Your Kid

Are you blessed with an impish kid who lights up your life with his funny antics every now and then? That’s great and you definitely have captured some of his cute moves in several video clips. Why not sum them up for a spectacular family movie which would be cherished by your family and friends? The movie would also act as a loving memento for the child when he grows up, created with so much affection by his doting parents.

Movavi Video Editor is a great help here as its one of the best movie making software programs today. The software is really simple to use and you won’t need any special technical skills to operate it. The article here offers a short brief on how to make a movie with cute funny videos on your child.

Step A

In the first step, you will download & install the Movavi Video Editor in your computer.

Step B

In the next step, you would add on the video files from your computer to the software program.  Go to Add Media File & bring the cute videos to the installed program. The Movavi software supports all popular video formats, including 3D videos.

Step C

The Movavi Video Editor comes with 2 editing modes- timeline & Storyboard. The storyboard option is meant for joining or splitting of clips & application of transition, filters and effects. On the other hand, Timeline mode assures enhanced editing allowing the user to add separate audio, title tracks & video to his movie.

Step D

If you have selected your editing mode (Storyboard here), it’s time to up your video visual with transitions, music & titles. Go to Fades tab & select your desired transition. Drag & drop the selected transition to storyboard in between the video clips.

You would have to go to Timeline if you are looking to add music to your video. Choose Fade in/out which will work to fade the sound in & out. Then choose the needed sound volume & speed. Go to Title to select your desired title. Type the text & customize color, font size & other parameters from Settings option.

Step E

Now, that you have made the movie, you would simply need to save it in your preferred format. Go to Save Movie & choose the desired format.

For more details on how to use the Movavi software to make your movie, go to