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Buying Guide - Top Fishing Heaters for Ice Fishing

Fishing is one activity that offers a very wide variety of options. Each of these options offers unique challenges as well as excitement. We will not be looking at all the different styles and types of fishing in this article. If you want to know more about different fishing styles and options, you can read this article here.

Our focus in this article will be ice fishing and how to overcome a particular challenge it presents. Ice fishing basically refers to the type of fishing done in frozen bodies of water. Usually, a hole is cut in the solid ice over a body of water and a hook let down to snag the fishes under. You can already tell that it is full of excitement as well as challenges.

One of the major challenges, and the one we will be focusing on is the issue of that those fishing have to face. Many times faced with sub-zero temperatures, participants in an exciting fishing expedition find themselves regretting their adventure as a result of the cold.

One way that this is combated is with the use of fishing heaters.

What is a Fishing Heater?

A fishing heater is simply a portable heater that you can take with you to provide warmth as you sit beside your fishing hole. It is usually designed to be able to keep a small space warm. Therefore the right one will provide adequate warmth in your tent, making your ice fishing experience a lot more comfortable.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for One

When you set out to shop for your fishing heater, there are a number of factors you should consider to ensure you make the right choice. Considering these factors is a must if you will purchase one that will serve you really well.

Let’s now discuss some of these factors.


The size of the heater you choose is of paramount importance. Which size will be ideal for you will depend on your unique circumstance? If you are carrying out your activity in a makeshift tent, you will most definitely require something very portable that you can easily carry around with you.

If on the other hand you have something like a fixed shanty that you visit regularly for this activity, then having something larger and with more power may be ideal for you. You should therefore ensure you know exactly under what conditions you will be carrying out your fishing activity.

Power Source

This is a critical point to consider. The most common products use propane gas which can either be in refillable tanks, disposable cylinders or even small canisters. Other options you may find will include smaller ones that use butane canisters, older types that use kerosene and those that use electricity.

The simple truth is that propane powered heaters are the most common and for good reason too. They are easier to use and the propane gas can be easily sourced.

Another to consider under power source is the length of time you will require the heat for. The longer you will require the heat, the larger the power source you will require.

Heating Output

This is where you look at how much heat you need. You MUST be sure to determine this before making a decision. A few things that can determine how much heat will be suitable include the following:

  • The number of persons that will be in your party and therefore require heating.
  • The type of space to be heated. An open space will require more heat than an enclosed space. The type of tent (if you are using a tent) can also influence the amount of heat that will be adequate. Still on the issue of space, how sealed or open your tent or shanty is will also determine how much heat will be sufficient.

Always check for the products heating capacity and this is given in BTUs. The more the value, the more heat it will be capable of delivering.

Safety Features

Safety is something that you MUST take seriously. There are a few things that can go wrong in this kind of fishing expedition. It is therefore your duty to ensure that you do everything within your power to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Here are a few safety features that will come in very handy:

Oxygen Depletion Sensor – While you are encouraged to ensure adequate ventilation especially when using gas or fuel powered heaters, having this sensor is important. As the heater uses up the oxygen in the space, it will produce carbon monoxide which can become harmful when they build up to certain levels. The sensor’s job is to begin to alert you when the level of oxygen is dropping to dangerous levels. This will tell you to ventilate your space to remove the accumulated carbon monoxide.

Tip-Over Shut Off – It’s possible for your heater to tip over. Should this happen, you could have a fire disaster on your hands. The auto tip-over shut off feature will automatically shut off the gas supply and fire, ensuring that there can be no fire spread. This most certainly is a very important feature.


We put this as the last factor to consider on purpose. When you are looking for the best ice fishing heater you shouldn’t be looking at cost as your first consideration. You should only consider cost after looking at the other important factors. Once you know what your minimum requirements are, you can then compare products that offer these features to know which offers the best balance of value and cost.


Finding the right heater is important when you are going on an outdoor expedition in cold weather. The cold can easily turn something that should have been an exciting time into a teeth chattering, uncomfortable and even dangerous time.

Thankfully, with the information we have provided above, you should now be able to carefully search for and pick out the heater that will be perfect for that next ice fishing expedition. Ensure that nothing disturbs your wonderful time out. Get the right heater and have loads of fun and hopefully plenty of fishes.