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Let's Talk About Your Basement: Do's and Don'ts

When designing your house, you may consider a basement to act as a variety of spaces. You can have it as the parking lot, laundry area, office, or any other use. A basement no longer has to be that underground room for stashing unwanted stuff. It can be a functional room that will be an appropriate addition to your house.

The following do's and don'ts will help you have a functional basement.


Hire Experts

Find experts from a basement finishing firm to avoid delays and mistakes. The experts will help you in choosing the perfect designs for your needs. Check with several companies to know the kind of warrant they have and how long they have been in business.

For the electrical and plumbing work also get experts for the job. Unqualified personnel may be cheap but can cause you irreparable damage if things go wrong. For your peace of mind and to save on time and money, get licensed professionals.

Make it Attractive

For most people, the basement area is a dull room for stacking away unused things or a garage. However, you can design your basement into a state-of-the-art room with beautiful art collections. Paint the walls with inviting colors, preferably bright ones, to reflect light and give a feeling of warmth.

Incorporating your main house ideas in the design of the basement will make it more like it. Have it tastefully designed to suit your needs and make it a beautiful aboard. Hide unsightly spots by colorfully painting them. Have some throw pillows and rugs to add beauty in the room.

Choose the Right Flooring

Basement floors need to be ideal since the conditions inside do not allow for some floor types. When choosing the type of floor to use, consider the level of moisture content in your basement area. If the basement is susceptible to mildew and molds, choose materials resistant to them. The best types of flooring for basements are vinyl plank, rubber, carpet, and cement. Opt for flooring that is water-resistant, durable, and warm.

Know the Permit and Local Code Requirements

Visit your municipality to know the codes and permit requirements governing building projects. Having permits will save you from demolishing your house in case the authorities say it is against the rules. In the future, if you wish to sell the house, it will be easier as there will be no issues of a permit violation.  The finishing company you choose can help you with formalizing all of the requirements.

Install Sufficient Lighting

Natural light barely reaches the basement area, and it can lack altogether. When designing it ensure you include the lighting system to have enough lights in there. If some parts of the basements will be above the ground install more windows to let more natural light in.

To intensify the natural light, have carpets and furniture with bright colors. Paint the walls white and use colorful decors to make the room lively. LED lighting, fluorescent bulbs, and light-emitting diodes will offer sufficient lights. If you desire to have a gym or a wine cellar, these lights are the best as they have less heat.


Insulating the basement will help regulate the temperatures inside. It also adds a layer that controls the entrance of moisture. Insulation helps block noise from outside making it an ideal space for study or quiet moments. You can use spray foam insulation or one with a vapor barrier. Insulating your basement will also help keep the cold away and invite warmth inside.


One major concern in basements is the presence of moisture. Use basement finishing products to avoid damage from moisture. Moisture can cause paint peeling, molds, rust, ceiling, and wall discoloration. Take the waterproofing measures before construction to save on money and time from frequent renovations.

Use a vapor barrier to line the basement walls or get a basement dehumidifier to keep moisture at bay. When molds and mildew occur, treat instead of painting to avoid infections from them.

Run a Gas Test

Before the construction of the basement have experts run tests on the soil. The tests will rule out the presence of harmful gases like radon which causes lung cancer. Radon exists in soil and water and can easily go unnoticed if no tests are run. If it is available in levels that are dangerous before, starting the construction have experts remediate the ground.


Don’t Finish the Whole Basement

It is not a good idea to entirely finish your basement construction. Leave some space unfinished to allow for future modifications. You can also use the incomplete area to store seasonal tools and other items you do not use frequently.

Don’t Alter the Initial Plans

Once construction has begun, do not alter the plans. Take your time while planning and start the construction when you are ready and content with the plan. Ask the experts all the questions to clear any doubt and ensure the final look is according to your desires. Altering changes during construction can cause unnecessary delays and cost you a lot of money.

Don’t Overlook Minor Details

Pay attention to every detail from the art, lighting, and plumbing. You may assume since it is not visible, it does need much attention, but it does. You can experiment with the designs of your main house, and it can turn out to be your living area or a guest room.

Do Not Neglect Cleaning

Just like any other space, the basement will have dirt build-up. Avoid the temptation to neglect cleaning because it is out of sight. Declutter the room of all unnecessary stuff and make it habitable. Clean from top to bottom and choose some of the best cordless vacuums in the market for hard to clean dirt. Clean the carpets regularly and check for molds on walls and floors.

Do not limit yourself when constructing a basement. Explore all the possible ideas to come up with the best. Express your desires and those of your family members to make it fun to live in, even in the future. A basement is a sure way of adding space; make sure it's functional and safe. If you follow these tips keenly, your basement will become one of the best places to spend some time.

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