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Valuable Tips for Shooting a Pre-Wedding Love Story

Every couple has their own love story to share, and a wedding day is a perfect moment to do so. A pre-wedding love story is a film that captures the most romantic, funniest and key moments of the couple’s relationships. Some people want to have a love story film for their own use, but most of them aim to show this film during their upcoming wedding reception. Below we provide you with some valuable tips on how to shoot and create a perfect love story of your couple:

Be Yourself

It seems easy, but for many introverted personalities, the main challenge is being able to relax on camera. To make your video session more comfortable, it’s good to choose a familiar videographer or, at least, meet or communicate with this person several times before the shooting day. In order to reflect true emotions and maintain a relaxing atmosphere, a professional videographer should get to know your couple better. Read interesting tips on how videographers make shy couples feel more relaxed

Choose What to Dress

You don’t have to break your neck trying to find a special cloth for your love story. In general, most people feel comfortable in their casual cloth. If you have some vision of your video session and need fancy cloth, let’s go for it, but remember that dressing up is not the key.

Pick the Location

If you have an engagement or meet each other in a special place, you can make a video session there. However, in pre-wedding love stories, the place is not so important. What matters are you, your couple’s mood and sincere emotions. Choose the place where you feel most comfortable: home, park, favorite café or the streets of an old town.

Add Natural Elements

By natural elements we mean using the sun, wind, light, curious passersby, your dog, cat or rainy clouds. Professional videographers can make even bad weather work for you. These small details will add naturality to your session and make you feel more relaxed. The main aim of any love story is showing the connection between the beloved people. Natural elements can help tell your love story in the gentlest way.

Cut Away All Unnecessary Stuff

When you pack up things for your love story session, try to leave all odd stuff, like bags, purses, etc. at home. All extra things will make you distracted. The main focus of any love story is you and your future spouse. 

Discuss Your Preferences Upfront

If you have your own vision, ideas and want to break ordinary video session themes, feel free to discuss all these things with your videographer beforehand. In case you already have some raw footage video depicting the best moments of your relationships, you can pass it to outsourcing editing companies, like Wedcuts. They will create a quality love story film for you.


All love stories are unique. The most important thing for a professional videographer is to see the connection between people, capture the essence of the relationship and make the love story come alive. With this in mind, the pre-wedding video becomes a piece of art that is able to relive the most precious moments and bond the ties over the years.