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Get Fixed on Hiring the Best Home Renovators

If you’ve got home renovation projects on the mind for 2016, having the right budget in place is just the start of things.

In order to nail-down the best results for your home, you not only need the right amount of money in place for one or more projects, but you also want to make sure the products, services and ultimately the provider you work with, are second to none.

Why you might ask?

Face it; a project done incorrectly can result in not only frustration on your end, but ultimately more money out of your pocket.

With that in mind, here are some tips for getting the job done correctly the first time around:

  1. Research your provider – The item to be placed highest on your list should be the business doing the home renovations. While there are many to choose from, you want to find the one who not only offers the best supplies and installation, but also second-to-none customer service. Yes, the right parts, countertops, flooring and more are all important, but who installs them, when/how they install them, and their ability to follow-up with you (problems or not) are all important facets of the home renovation process. When you go into a showroom, look to see if the company’s items provided through their store fixtures best fit your needs, if the pricing is within your budget, and whether or not the customer service is second to none. While stores are in business to make sales, how they treat you when you walk through their doors should never be taken for granted;
  2. Durability over time – Yes, you’ve likely heard the adage that they do not make things like they used to. While they may be true in some cases, make sure any items you’re considering purchasing for a home renovation project meet your needs and those of your home. The last thing you want (and need) is having parts and other products installed in your home that will not last for very long. Not only will replacement parts cost you money (assuming the warranty has passed), but you’re also likely to get charged for another in-home call (labor etc.). This shows again why the provider and their products and services can never be taken lightly;
  3. Timing is everything – When you’re planning on a home renovation project, is having your residence torn up for a period of time something you can live with or will it produce one or more problems? If you plan on doing light renovations, then the timing is not typically going to be a major issue. On the other hand, tearing up one or more rooms at a time can provide notable disruptions in your life and that of your family. For example, planning to have a new kitchen put in right before the holidays is probably not the best of ideas, especially if you entertain the fact of having folks over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc. A project such as that is better suited for quieter times of the year. If you take annual summer vacations, don’t plan a major home improvement project then either. You may be of the mind that doing several projects at once is better than working here and there. The idea is that you may think you’ll save money over the long run by getting everything done now instead of when prices may escalate etc. Again, think about how such efforts may disrupt not only your cash flow, but also your daily life/lives around the home;
  4. Follow-up care – Finally, make sure you are working with a company or companies who are good at following up with you, making sure the products and services they provided are what you truly wanted and needed. There is nothing worse than doing a home improvement project, only to discover that you’re going to have to go back and do repairs on it. Maybe the parts were not what they should have been or perhaps the company or companies installing such items took a short cut or two. Whatever the issue or issues, make sure you deal with providers who have stellar follow-up care and warranties in place.

Home renovations can both brighten your home, improve its look if you’re looking to sell at top price, or make you want to stick around in that particular residence for years to come.

That said are you ready to come home to a better residence?