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Simple ideas for designing your home outdoor décor

The frigid temperatures, grey rainy skies and gloomy days of impending winter aren’t likely to inspire you to spend too much time outside on the patio. However, what this time of year does give you is plenty of time to think about outdoor décor ideas for spring and summertime relaxing and entertaining.

Looking for quality patio furniture and whimsical ways to add character to your outdoor living space? Don’t think you need a lot of room, vibrant floral arrangement and a thick wallet to turn your imagination into a reality.

If you’re someone on a tight budget, but have a creative mind and welcome the opportunity of change in the yard, patio or terrace—try these charming and beautifying styles before winter’s end.


Elegance doesn’t have to be vibrant or aesthetically engaging. Simple and sleek, one-dimensional colors add a class of chicness to your home’s outside that you may have never previously imagined. By in incorporating different shades of a singular color, you embellish other qualities of your home, such as the garden, floral arrangement and exterior color of your home.

Room recreation

Do you happen to have an extra amount of space in your outdoor living area? If so, a charming and artistic idea to incorporate into your outdoor living space is to design an indoor-themed room and reimagine it for the outside.

For example, if you have a library reading room inside your home that you enjoy spending time in while casually relaxing, take its features and décor ideas and recreate it outside. This is a unique chance to showcase your ingenuity and creative spirit that you and your guests are poised to fall in love with. The tricky part is however, like all outdoor furniture, is choosing weather-resistant material.

A splash of color

Want a modern and frugal alternative that doesn’t involve reconstructing your entire outdoor décor. Strategically placed color is an easy way to add style and bold character to your home. By scattering a specific color, such as a violet slipcovered chair and outdoor violet drum shade, is guaranteed to inspire a memorable place to soak in the sun among you and your guests. By focusing on a few decorative elements of a particular color in the midst of a dominant color, you’ll likely be considered an artistic visionary among your peers.

They come in three

Minimalists, today is your lucky day! Incorporate three district colors of your choosing and stick with it. Whether it is one red, blue and green chair or one of three different colors pillow—choosing to design an outdoor area with a themed color arrangement is a simple and ingenious strategy.

Mix and match

Ditch the ordinary and explore the contradictory. An informal design arrangement, such as three different styles of chairs in one seating area is a fun and unique way to exude distinctness while adding charm to your outside. However, don’t just think mixing and matching is exclusively designed for chairs. Different plating or dining material, umbrellas or floral vases is another exotic design-avenue to explore.