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Help, My Baby Is Taking over My Home!

How can something so small take up so much space?? Before they arrive you prepare a beautiful room with everything they could possibly want - for them to not even use it for the first few months. Instead of enjoying their beautiful new surroundings they have ventured into your bedroom and not only taken away your sleep but they have also taken over your side of the bed!

This little bundle of joy seems to have bulldozed their way into your lives. You thought you had prepared for every eventuality but nothing can quite prepare you for that first night alone with your newborn. That moment when it dawns on you, everything is down to you and your partner! This beautiful baby is here for the long haul and everything that comes with it!

At first all they require is lots of cuddles, then come the gifts and presents from loving family and friends, arms piled high with cuddly toys, clothes and gifts galore, add to this the travel system, bouncers and cribs and this tiny little creation not only has their own room, your bedroom but the living room, hallway and any other room they desire – and who are you to argue, just look at those beautiful big eyes and adorable face!! But what is the best way to keep control over all the ‘stuff’ not just now but as they grow? The Kids Bedroom Company have a wide range of kids bedroom ideas and clever suggestions which might just help along the way…

  1. Make or buy cute canvas storage baskets or bags, not only do they look good but they hold no end of toys and as baby grows into a toddler, this is an easy way for them to clear up after they have played, in theory anyway!
  2. Use narrow shelving or spice racks behind doors to store books. Rather than having a bookcase which takes up floor space, these take up unused space and are a great way to display all those lovely books. You can even put them low down so your child can choose their bedtime story when they get a little bigger.
  3. Use plastic baskets to store all those bath toys, this keeps them tidy and is an easy way to drain all the water
  4. Rather than having all toys accessible at one time, divide their stash into two or three toy boxes/bags and only have one or two out at a time. Not only does this save space but it also keeps your child’s interest for longer without them being overwhelmed with too much to play with.
  5. Don’t ignore hidden storage – there is plenty of space under a cot, particularly when your baby is young and the cot is on its highest setting. Fill storage bags with bulk purchases such as nappies and wipes and the next size up of clothes so they are accessible but out of sight.
  6. Put up hooks on the back of bedroom doors and cupboard doors for extra hanging space too.

For more storage solutions or bedroom design ideas visit The Kids Bedroom Company